WWE Main Event Results (7/31/13) - Wade Barrett Tells R-Truth "What's Up"


R-Truth is out first, rapping like usual. Barrett makes his way out. JBL joins Josh Mathews on commentary this week.

R-Truth vs. Wade Barrett

Lock up, Barrett with a headlock take-down. They focus on each other's arms. Shoulderblock from Wade. Truth takes him down, followed by a leg drop. Barrett goes outside for a breather. Lock up again, Truth is flipped over for a two. R-Truth with a couple arm drags, knee from Barrett. Truth takes him down again with an arm drag Clothesline and elbow drop by Wade for a two. Truth counters with a kick, which is followed up with an impressive hurricanrana! Outside the ring, Barrett tosses Truth into the steps.


After the break, Barrett knees Truth as he's in the ropes. R-Truth is hit with a boot, sending him back outside. Suplex by Wade, and then is placed on the turnbuckle to be punched. Pin, kickout. Headlock from Barrett, Truth powers out. Big kick from R-Truth. Kicks and a couple clotheslines, inverted suplex from Truth for a nearfall. Barrett nails a couple heel kicks for a two. Wade delivers some punches in the corner. R-Truth connects with the scissors kick for another nearfall! Truth goes up top, Wade trips him. Tries for suplex, Truth rolls him up, kickout.

R-Truth gets in punches, Barrett counters with Winds of Change. Truth ducks the Bull Hammer, Lie Detector connects, but Wade rolls out! Truth tries to dive out of the ring, but is caught with a Bull Hammer.

Winner: Wade Barrett - by pinfall (14:47)

We get a re-cap of Punk interfering in Curtis Axel's match on Raw. Heyman runs away as Punk stands tall on the commentary table. Punk takes on Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

Mathews asks JBL if he was World champion, who would he select as his opponent. on SmackDown, Del Rio will chose his SummerSlam opponent.

The Uso's enter doing their battle cry. Darren Young and Titus O'Neil come out for some tag team action.

The Uso's vs. Prime Time Players

Jimmy and Darren start. Lock up, Jimmy flips Darren across the ring. Young focuses on the arm, and a shoulderblock follows. Jimmy with an arm drag, tags Jey. Jey focuses on the left arm. Quick cover, kickout. Darren sends Jey into their corner, Jey ducks and goes back to the arm. Jimmy tags in, slap to Young. Arm drag by Jimmy. Jimmy runs into Titus, and another arm drag connects. O'Neil tries to get in, but the ref holds him back. They tag , and then another tag. I've lost track of who's in. But, Titus gets the tag finally.


Titus throws Jey across the ring. O'Neil slams him to the mat, tags in Darren. Young drops an elbow, and they trade blows. Jimmy tagged in. Cover and kickout. Titus gets in with an uppercut, Jimmy puts in a headlock. After a couple distractions, Titus takes down Jimmy. Darren tagged in, neckbreaker on the apron. Titus back in, covers Jimmy. Head/arm lock from O'Neil. Jimmy is thrown into the corner twice. Titus slams Darren onto Jimmy who is now the legal man. Headlock in place, Jimmy gets out, but they collide into one another. Big kick from Jimmy Uso, hots tags made. Jey nails a big clothesline on Titus, followed by stink face for a two. All four are in the ring, double superkick on O'Neil. Uso nails the splash for the win!

Winners: The Uso's - by pinfall (14:50)

Jimmy and Jey celebrate in the ring afterwards.

Raw Rebound: Daniel Bryan and Vince McMahon share words. Vince says that Cena and him believe Bryan doesn't have ruthless aggression. Bryan approaches Cena about it. After Cena beats Ryback in a tables match, Bryan comes out. He gets the WWE Championship. He starts to give it, but takes it back. Cena sneaks in and grabs it. They will fight at SummerSlam for the WWE Championship.

Mark Henry's music hits for the final match of the night. He's facing 3MB member, Drew McIntyre. Slater and Mahal are not at ringside, they are on tour in Australia.

Mark Henry vs. Drew McIntyre

Lock up, Drew gets a cheap shot in to the face. Henry throws Drew out of the ring. McIntyre clubs Mark, but gets shoved down. Clotheslines from Drew, dropkick gets him down. Pin and kickout. Henry runs Drew over, and slams him down for a two. Mark goes for WSS, McIntyre slips out. Henry connects with World's Strongest Slam for the win.

Winner: Mark Henry - by pinfall (2:47)

Hope all of you enjoyed this week's show. I'm going to introduce a new concept into the end of the results. Here it goes:

Question of the Week: Do you think Wade Barrett deserves a main event run?

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