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WWE Main Event Results (8/7/13) - The Shield Brings Justice To The Uso's... Again

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The Shield

Welcome to this week's coverage of WWE Main Event! The show starts with Josh Mathews welcoming us mentioning we are less than two weeks away from SummerSlam. The Shield's music hits for a six-man tag team match. Miz says he had a great time on the overseas tour, and is looking forward to hosting SummerSlam. The Uso's make their way to the ring, followed by Mark Henry.

The Shield vs. The Uso's and Mark Henry

Rollins and The Uso lock up. Headlock on Rollins, Jimmy with a shoulderblock. Seth ducks, and Jimmy takes him down for a quick cover. Jey tagged in, double teaming. Rollins tags Ambrose. Jey focuses on the left arm. Ambrose gets in some offense in the corner. Pin on Dean. Uso tagged in, and then Henry. Henry catches him and unloads with punches and headbutts. Distraction allows Ambrose to target the knee. Roman gets in. Henry throws him out. Uso's get Rollins down. They go to sling Mark into him, but Seth rolls out.


After the break, Henry tags in Jimmy who slaps Roman. Reigns blocks him, tags Ambrose. Clothesline and an elbow for a one. Rollins in. Big kick to the back, chinlock applied. Jimmy elbows out, slammed back down. Jey tagged in, clotheslines and a shoulderblock. Rollins counters with a kick to the head. Roman back in. Cover and a nearfall. Clothesline connects from Reigns for a two. Ambrose tagged, applies chinlock. Knee to Jey, kicks to the gut. Ambrose plants his knee right to the throat. Seth Rollins tagged in. Jey goes for the tag, Seth stops him, two.

Roman comes back in with a headlock. Knee and a cover, Rollins back in. Suplex and a two. Rollins stomps on him, tags in Ambrose. Jey nails a big super kick on Dean, and another on Rollins. Hot tag to Mark Henry who takes out all three of them. He runs right into Dean and Seth in the corner. Uso tagged, goes up top and nails the splash. Rollins nails Blackout, Ambrose covers for the win.

Winners: The Shield - by pinfall (15:02)

Curtis Axel will face Sin Cara tonight.

The Shield appears on the screen. Ambrose says that was too easy, a walk in the park. Guys like Mark Henry are worn out and lazy. They set the standard for the company.Rollins says no one can catch up with them. It doesn't matter who you are, Orton, Bryan, or John Cena. Roman says there is no end to justice. Believe in The Shield.

They replay the segment on Raw where Eva Marie confronts The Bella's about Natalya. Nattie walks up and slaps one of the twins.

Natalya vs. Aksana

Natalya duck and rolls her up. Aksana slaps her and takes Natalya down. Nattie locks in a hold with her legs. headlock takedown on Aksana. Natalya catches the kick and flips her over. Aksana with a headlock and shoulderblock. Aksana takes her down, Natalya counters with a kick. Nattie tries for Sharpshooter. Arm to the back of the knee of Natalya. Aksana kicks the knee. Elbows to the leg. Aksana slams her head to the mat, pin. Natalya finally gets up and lock in the Sharpshooter for the win.

Winner: Natalya - by submission (5:00)

Mathews and Miz discuss the highly anticipated match between CM Punk and Brock Lesnar.

Raw Rebound: Punk faces Curtis Axel. Heyman runs away before the match. Heyman comes back out after awhile. Punk grabs Heyman, Lesnar's music hits. Punk is pulled out by Axel who is hit with a GTS. Punk goes right after Brock. Lesnar gains control and goes for the F5. Heyman is going to be hit by a chair when Lesnar nails an F5. Brock strikes Punk with the chair and walks away.

Curtis Axel makes his way to the ring accompanied by Paul Heyman. Heyman joins Miz and Mathews on commentary. After commercials, Sin Cara enters to take on the Intercontinental Champion.

Curtis Axel vs. Sin Cara

Lock up, Axel messes with the mask. Lock up, Axel takes him to the corner. Sin Cara takes him down from the second rope. Axel focuses on the left arm. Arm drag from Sin Cara, roll up. Axel throws him into the corner, slaps to the chest. Axel stomps on Cara. Cara counters with kicks and a big arm drag from the ropes. Dropkicks from Sin Cara connect sending Axel outside, Sin Cara dives out onto Curtis. Cara throws him in. Axel stops Sin Cara and sends him out.


Axel drops an elbow for a two. Curtis rubs his forearm on the neck. Cara kicks Axel, but eats a dropkick for a two. Curtis flips him over and flips over his head. Elbow drop, Cara moves for the second one. Sin Cara covers. Axel unloads with punches. Cara counters with a dropkick from the turnbuckle, both men down. Elbow rim Cara, followed by a sloppy hurricanrana. Srm drap and then a crossbody by Sin Cara. Backwards DDT for a two from Cara. Axel elbows him, gets kicked for another nearfall. Cara goes up top, Axel puts his knees up on the moonsault. Wicked neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Curtis Axel - by pinfall (14:05)

Heyman raises Axel's hand in the ring. CM Punk will fight Paul Heyman this Monday on Raw.

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