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WWE Main Event Results (8/21/13) - Bray Wyatt Debuts

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WWE Main Event

Welcome to WNW's live coverage of WWE Main Event!

The Shield makes their way to the ring for our opening contest. The Uso's enter, followed by their tag team partner, Kofi Kingston. We are just days removed from SummerSlam where Ambrose retained his U.S. title against RVD.

The Shield vs. The Uso's and Kofi Kingston

Ambrose and Kofi start the match. Lock up, Kofi wraps his arms around Dean. Kofi goes down, Ambrose with a shoulderblock. Kofi ops over Dean, elbow. Jimmy tagged in, as well as Rollins. Seth sends a kick to Jimmy, tag to Jey. They nail a double elbow drop for a one. Jey shoves Rollins into their corner and nails a big slap. Uso pins for a two. Jey focuses on the arm. Tag to Ambrose. Ambrose stomps on Jey. Tag to Seth. Rollins flips Jey over, arm lock. Jey gets out, Jimmy tags in. They take kick Roman, Kofi kicks him which leads to The Uso's clotheslining him out of the ring. The three of them pick up Rollins and toss him out. Kofi, Jimmy, and Jey flip out onto them as the go to commercial!


Kofi attacks Ambrose in the corner. Tag goes to an Uso who hits Stinkface. Roman distracts, Ambrose hits a dropkick. Roman tagged in. Rollins tagged in, slams Jimmy down. Rollins works the left arm, tags in Dean. Elbow drop, two. Tag to Roman Reigns. Roman unloads with stomps in the corner. Pin and kickout. Jimmy headbutts Reigns, but can't get free from him. Cover and another two. Ambrose comes in, Jimmy kicks him, superkick to Roman. Jey Uso takes Rollins down off the apron. Kofi tagged in. He takes out Seth and Roman. Big clothesline to Ambrose. Boom Drop connects, sets up for TIP. Ambrose moves. Uso takes out Rollins. Dean dodges TIP, hits SOS. Roman breaks it. They roll each other up. Rollins trips Kofi, Dean nails the DDT for the win.

Winners: The Shield - by pinfall (13:38)

We get replays of the fast-paced action. AJ is shown skipping backstage accompanied by Layla. The Diva's Champ will be in action next.


On SmackDown, Christian will fight Alberto Del Rio in a non-title rematch.

AJ Lee skips to the ring with Layla. Naomi is her opponent. Naomi and Cameron picked up the upset win over Layla and AJ on Raw.

AJ Lee vs. Naomi

Lock up, AJ focuses on the arm, Naomi is slammed down, but hops right back up. Naomi applies a hold on the left arm of AJ. Naomi dances to get AJ off of her. AJ stops her from hitting a move from the ropes. Cover and kickout. AJ hits a big roundhouse for a two. AJ hops onto Naomi, bringing her down to her knees. AJ skips around, kicks Naomi. Spinning heel kick connects onto AJ Lee. Dropkick and the Rear-view connects. AJ spins her way around Naomi, and locks in her submission for the victory,

Winner: AJ Lee - by submission (4:01)


Jack Swagger is in the ring for a match with Cesaro and Colter by his side. Great Khali enters with Natalya and Hornswoggle. Colter is on the mic. He makes a joke about the way Khali talks/sounds. America is the king of outsourcing. If he could export something, he would export Khali. "Khali" chants break out. Zeb asks when was the War of 1812 fought. Khali chops Cesaro!

Jack Swagger vs. Great Khali

Lock up, Swagger is shoved down. Big clothesline from Khali. Swagger is hit with a big slap in the corner. Great Khali delivers nine elbows to the shoulder and a slap to the chest. Khali tries to get Swagger back in the ring, Jack counters. Swagger connects with the Swagger Bomb, two-count pin. Jack works on the ankle. Big slap to the chest once again. Big boot and clotheslines take Swagger down once more. Jack strikes the leg taking Khali down. Swagger and Cesaro corner Hornswoggle, Natalya slaps Cesaro. Jack goes back in, but runs into a chop.

Winner: Great Khali - by pinfall (3:32)


Miz and Mathews talk about Bryan being screwed from holding the WWE title.

Raw Rebound: Cena talks about now having respect for Daniel Bryan. Before Bryan can talk, Stephanie McMahon apologizes. He might not be an A, but a B+. Bryan doesn't care what Stephanie thinks. She has security escort Bryan out. Later in the show, Triple H introduces the new WWE Champion, Randy Orton. Triple H did what he did to ensure the future of WWE. Bryan comes back out, but he is attacked by The Shield. Bryan finally gets in the ring only to be hit by an RKO.

As Miz and Josh are talking, Fandango's music hits. Fandango interrupted Miz at SummerSlam and his match on Raw. Up next, Bray Wyatt will be in action for the first time on Main Event.


Justin Gabriel is in the ring. Bray Wyatt enters with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan at ringside. Wyatt had an impressive victory over Kane in a Ring of Fire match at SummerSlam.

Justin Gabriel vs. Bray Wyatt

Wyatt clubs Gabriel right off the bat. Justin is thrown into the corner. Gabriel kicks Wyatt, but Bray comes back with a crossbody. Wyatt drags Justin into a corner, and then hangs upside-down. He runs right into Gabriel, and then hits Sister Abigail for the win.

Winner: Bray Wyatt - by pinfall (2:02)

The Wyatt Family stands over Justin Gabriel as the show ends.

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