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WWE Main Event Results (8/28/13) - Axel Scores Another 'Perfect' Victory

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We start the show with a Raw re-cap. CM Punk fought Curtis Axel, with the stipulation of if Punk wins, Heyman must step in the ring with Punk. After a hard fought battle, Punk defeated the Intercontinental Champion. Punk finally got a hold of Heyman, but Axel came in on the attack. He handcuffed Punk, and Heyman beat him with a kendo stick.

Curtis Axel's music hits for our opening contest. Alex Riley joins Josh Mathews on commentary this week. Cody Rhodes enters to a nice pop. Axel beat Rhodes last week on SmackDown.

Curtis Axel -w/ Paul Heyman vs. Cody Rhodes

Lock up, arm drag by Axel. Lock up, headlock takeover on Cody. Standing headlock is applied followed by a shoulderblock. Rhodes stops Curtis, flips him over. Lock up again, Axel trips Cody. Rhodes knees Axel a couple times, pin. Rhodes trips Curtis, he rolls out of the ring to talk to Heyman. Rhodes sits on the ropes, Axel finally comes back in. Lock up, Rhodes sent into the corner. Cody rolls him up, two. Axel delivers several kicks and punches. Outside the ring, Rhodes is sent into the barricade.


Back from the break, Axel nails a suplex for a one-count cover. Headlock locked in. Clothesline from Axel. Rhodes goes up top, but Curtis slings him down for a two. Cody is hit with a dropkick, pin. Rhodes sends a few punches, but is thrown into the turnbuckle. Axel hits the Axe-Handle from the second turnbuckle. Headlock is applied again on the mat. Rhodes gets out, Axel clotheslines him from behind for another nearfall. Rhodes dodges Turning Heads, and hits a beautiful moonsault! Axel is thrown out, gets right back in. Clotheslines from Cody. Rhodes hits Alabama Slam for a nearfall. Axel drops Cody to the mat for a two. Up top, Rhodes stops Curtis from hitting anything, and Cody counters with a cradle-like slam for another two. Axle uses the apron to hold on to as Rhodes tries to drag him in. Axel connects with the DDT for the win.

Winner: Curtis Axel - by pinfall (14:36)

Axle and Heyman will join forces at Night of Champions to fight CM Punk in a Handicap Elimination match. Kofi Kingston and Fandango will go one-on-one later tonight.

Titus O'Neil and Darren Young make their way to the ring for some tag team action. Their opponents: The Real Americans. Young defeated Cesaro on SmackDown, while O'Neil beat Swagger on Raw.

Prime Time Players vs. The Real Americans -w/ Zeb Colter

Young and Cesaro lock up. Young clotheslines Cesaro, tag to O'Neil. Titus sends Darren into Antonio. Tag right back to Young. Young is thrown over the ropes. Swagger tagged in. Outside the ring, Swagger flattens Young with a clothesline. Quick cover. Darren rolls Swagger up, Jack spears him into the corner. Swagger Bomb connects as Cesaro hops over Swagger for a double-boot stomp. Cesaro nails the gutwrench, and tags in Swagger. Tag back to Cesaro as they double-team Young. Cover for a two. Headlock applied on Darren. Young kicks Cesaro, tags in O'Neil as Swagger is tagged too. O'Neil throws Jack over his shoulders. Big boot, nearfall. Titus takes out Cesaro. Swagger slams O'Neil. All four get involved, but once the dust clears, Titus hits Swagger with Clash of the Titus for the win.

Winners: Prime Time Players - by pinfall (5:34)

Raw Rebound: Triple H likes to reward people who excel. He presents Orton with a new Escalade. After Orton beat Christian, Bryan appears on the tron. He asks if he beats Orton at Night of Champions, would that make him the new face of the company? YES! The word is painted all over Orton's new car. Bryan went on to beat Seth Rollins, and then Ambrose and then Reigns by DQ in a Gauntlet match. Orton hit Bryan with an RKO as Triple H, and the entire locker room were watching on the ramp. Randy Orton will defend the WWE Title against Daniel Bryan in three weeks at Night of Champions.

Kofi Kingston vs. Fandango -w/ Summer Rae

Fandango dances a little. Lock up, Fandango flips Kofi over. They separate before locking up again. Headlock from Kofi. Shoulderblock from Fandango, Kofi hits a big elbow for a two. Kofi works the left arm. Kofi monkey-flips Fandango, trips him on the apron. Kofi hops on the ropes and nails a crossbody. Summer taunts Kofi before he gets back in the ring. Fandango sends Kofi into the turnbuckle as they go to commercial.


Fandango has Kofi's arm wrapped up. Kingston gets out and attempts the roll-up, Fandango counters by stomping on the left arm. Fandango flips Kofi over his shoulders, works the arm again. Kofi kicks him, Fandango counters with a heel kick for a cover. Fandango goes right back after the arm. Kofi hits a clothesline and dropkick, and follows it up with the Boom Drop. Kofi is setting up for Trouble in Paradise when Summer grabs Kingston's foot. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner: Kofi Kingston - by DQ (10:29)

Kofi celebrates on the ropes as the show ends.

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