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WWE Main Event Results (10/23/13) - Goldust vs. Rollins, Sandow Takes On Ziggler

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WWE Main Event

WWE Main Event Results (10/23/13)
From the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex in Birmingham, Alabama
Reported by CJ Blaze of Wrestling News World

A Shattered Dream productions brings us Goldust! Cody Rhodes follows after. The Miz joins Josh Mathews, who has a sling on his left arm, for commentary. Seth Rollins of The Shield enters with Roman Reigns.

Goldust vs. Seth Rollins

Lock up, headlock on Goldust. Shoulderblocks from Goldust, Rollins rolls out of the ring. Rollins puts in a headlock, shoulderblock from Rollins. Goldust takes Seth down, Rollins rolls out again. Rollins kicks Goldust, stomps on him. Goldust is thrown into the corner, counters and slaps Rollins. Cover, kickout. Rollins kicks Goldust in the corner, two. Chinlock applied by Seth. Goldust tosses Rollins out of the ring. Punches are delivered outside. Reigns distracts Goldust, allowing for Rollins to throw Goldust into the barricade.


Rollins takes Goldust down with a headlock. Goldust kicks and punches to create separation, Rollins counters with a cover. Headlock back in, Goldust powers out. Back slide from Goldust. Power slam by Goldust, both men are done. Goldy sends several slaps, clotheslines. Goldy gives Seth a big slap. Cover, two. Rollins nails a big kick to the head of Goldust, nearfall. Rollins sends a big right hand in the corner.

Rollins goes up top, Goldust moves and hits a spinebuster for a close two. Goldust gives Rollins a big knee on the apron. Outside the ring, Seth is thrown into the barricade, and then hit with a suplex. Roman Reigns distracts Goldust, Cody attacks. When Goldust gets back in the ring, Rollins rolls him up for the three.

Winner: Seth Rollins - by pinfall (13:47)

The Miz plays with a John Cena power slammer toy thing. Mathews brings up that Cena is challenging Del Rio for the World title this Sunday at Hell in a Cell. A video package airs of Cena throughout the years.

Hell in a Cell Kickoff Show Match: Curtis Axel defends the Intercontinental Championship against Big E Langston.

The Real Americans make their way to the ring with Zeb Colter at their side. After the commercial break, the Prime Time Players enter.

The Real Americans vs. Prime Time Players

Swagger goes right after O'Neil. Titus counters with punches, throws Jack behind him. PTP double team, Young gets in with knees and punches. Big elbow from Darren, followed by a suplex. Cesaro is tagged in. Swagger back in, shoving his shoulders into Young. Swagger Bomb connects, Cesaro hits the double-boot stomp. Cesaro takes Young out outside the ring. Cover, two.

Young is thrown into Cesaro's corner, Swagger back in. Swagger wraps Darren's arms up. Big kick to the head from Young. Titus tagged in, clothesline, and boot to Cesaro. Swagger distracts, Cesaro attacks. Antonio uses the big swing on O'Neil! Swagger tagged in, works the foot. Ankle lock applies, O'Neil taps.

Winners: The Real Americans - by submission (5:19)

Raw Rebound: Stephanie and Triple H talk about Hell in a Cell. Hunter respects Shawn Michaels. Big Show appears on the tron, and goes on a rant. Later on in the show, it's the contract signing for the main event of HIAC. Orton says he will make sure Bryan's first HIAC match is his last. Bryan: If it weren't for Triple H, he would be WWE Champion. Big Show drives up in a semi, allowing Bryan to hit Orton with the big knee.

On SmackDown: Triple H responds to Big Show's actions on Raw.

Naomi and Cameron make their way to the ring for a divas tag team match. Alicia Fox and Aksana enter.

Naomi and Cameron vs. Alicia Fox and Aksana

Naomi and Fox lock up. Naomi rolls up Fox, drop kick from Alicia. Cameron hits a hurricanrana on Fox. Fox kicks Cameron again, two. Aksana tagged in, Cameron rolls her up. Naomi comes back in, hurricanrana and dropkick connect. Naomi moves in a fast motion to keep Aksana down. Fox and Aksana try to take out Naomi, rear-view connects and it's over.

Winners: Naomi and Cameron - by pinfall (2:36)

Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring for the next match. Damien Sandow enters after the commercial.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow

Lock up, headlock on Sandow. Sandow goes on the attack with knees and punches. Ziggler throws a several right hands, Sandow rubs Dolph's face into the mat. Sandow with a knee drop, two. Sandow has Ziggler's arms wrapped up. Ziggler powers out, only to be thrown down once again. Ziggler connects with a missile dropkick from the top. Sandow tosses Ziggler out of the ring. Back in the ring, Sandow covers him. Elbow of Disdain connects, two. Ziggler rolls out of the way of a knee drop. Ziggler clotheslines Sandow, followed by another big clothesline. 10 big punches in the corner, neckbreaker. Famouser connects, nearfall. Sandow takes out the knee, full-nelson slam connects for the three.

Winner: Damien Sandow - by pinfall (5:12)

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