WWE Main Event Results (11/20/13) - Tamina Knocks Off Naomi, Kofi vs. Fandango

WWE Main Event

WWE Main Event Results (11/20/13)
From the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia
Reported by CJ Blaze of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Naomi makes her way to the ring with the cast of Total Divas with her. The Miz returns to commentary with Josh Mathews. Tamina Snuka enters with an injured AJ and other divas.

Naomi vs. Tamina Snuka

Lock up, Naomi is shoved down. Lock up again, Naomi rolls Tamina up. Big right hand from Snuka, she tosses Naomi around. Naomi comes back with kicks and punches, clothesline from Tamina for a two. Clothesline from Naomi, one. Big dropkick from Naomi, two. They work each other slowly and each pin. Tamina clotheslines Naomi out of the ring, and all of the divas at ringside argue as they go to commercial.


Tamina has a chin lock in place. Naomi powers out and takes Tamina to the corner. Tamina counters with a kick to the back of the leg. Snuka continues to kick the same leg, cover for one. Naomi tries to get some offense, but Tamina takes her back down with an elbow. Chin lock back in place. Naomi is kicked and thrown around me before Tamina covers her again, kickout. Naomi gets some space after connecting with a monkey flip. Naomi nails a kick to the head, leg drop follows for a nearfall. All of the divas start to brawl. Naomi is shoved out onto them. Naomi rolls Tamina back in, and she hits a crossbody from the top. Tamina nails a big kick to the face for the three.

Winner: Tamina - by pinfall (13:21)

A video package plays showing John Cena returning last month and winning the World title. Del Rio attacks on Raw and beats him up with a chair. The two will fight this Sunday at Survivor Series for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Alberto Del Rio makes his way to the ring with his big Mexican flag. After the break, Santino Marella enters.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Santino Marella

Lock up, kick from Del Rio. Del Rio hits a suplex, one. Del Rio starts to work on the left arm, headbutts follow. Santino tries for an arm drag, ADR hits a dropkick. Headlock in place on Santino, Marella powers out and flings himself into the turnbuckle. Enziguri from Del Rio, two. Santino counters with a few punches until Del Rio body slams him. Hip toss connects, headbutt is countered. Del Rio super-kicks Marella, and locks in the cross-arm breaker. Santino taps.

Winner: Del Rio - by submission (4:30)

A video package airs showing what has happened between Big Show, Randy Orton, and The Authority. Triple H grants Big Show his job back, and a WWE Championship match against Orton for at Survivor Series. In a WWE.com exclusive, Triple H says Orton will have to face Show alone.

Kofi Kingston makes way to the ring. After the break, Fandango dance his way to the ring with Summer Rae.

Kofi Kingston vs. Fandango

Lock up, Kofi hits a hurricanrana and Fandango rolls out of the ring. Kofi is slammed against the ropes. Back in the ring, Fandango hits an uppercut, cover. Shoulderblock from Fandango, Kofi catches his foot and nails a big kick for a two. Fandango back-drops Kingston, cover. Kofi crawls under the ring, and then jumps out onto Fandango.


After the break, they trade blows, Kofi is tossed out of the ring. Fandango runs Kingston into the apron, works on the arm. Back in the ring, Fandango has a submission put in on the arm. Fandango continues to work on the left arm with leg drops and submissions. Kingston powers out and they trade kicks.

Kofi with a couple clotheslines, dropkick. Boom Drop connects, sets up for TIP. Fandango ducks, crossbody from Kofi, nearfall. Kofi rolls out of another arm lock, Fandango is tossed out of the ring. Kingston tosses Fandango right into The Miz. Kofi kicks Miz off the apron, but Fandango rolls him up for the three.

Winner: Fandango - by pinfall (12:10)

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