WWE Main Event Results (12/18/13) - Foley Claus Visits, Miz vs. Axel

WWE Main Event

WWE Main Event Results (12/18/13)
From Austin, Texas
Reported by CJ Blaze of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Foley Claus makes his way to the ring with a bag of presents. The Miz and Josh Mathews are on commentary. He says he wanted to wish us a merry Christmas before he has to deliver presents. Ryback and Curtis Axel interrupt Foley to make jokes about his weight. Ryback and Axel circle Foley and they say they want to lighten his load. Axel wants the toys and takes the bag. Ryback calls him and his beard fake. Miz gets on the mic and sticks up for Foley. Miz and Foley start to sing about Axel's loss to Big E Langston. Then they sing about Ryback being a bully. Foley Claus makes Miz vs. Axel official for tonight.

Alex Riley comes out to commentary to replace The Miz.

R-Truth and Xavier Woods make their way to the ring. Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre enter next.

R-Truth and Xavier Woods vs. Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre

Truth and Mahal start. They lock up, Mahal tosses him. Mahal with a headlock, shoulderblock. Hip tosses from R-Truth. Shoulderblock and a big kick to the head from Truth for a cover. Woods tagged in, uppercut. Hip toss and elbow drop, two. Woods works on the arm, tag to McIntyre. Dropkick from Woods, one. Truth back in with a slap and then tag back to Xavier. Woods and Truth double-team before they go to commercial.


Mahal is hit with a hurricanrana from Woods. McIntyre tagged in, Woods is taken into their corner. Mahal back in, one. Big knee drop, one. Drew back in, they throw Woods onto the ropes. Woods rolls McIntyre up, two. Drew covers, tag to Jinder. Mahal pins Xavier, headlock in place. Back drop to Woods, two. McIntyre kicks him right in the stomach. Woods stacks Drew up, kickout. Big boot connects from McIntyre. R-Truth tagged in, clotheslines and the scissor kick connects. Woods takes out Mahal. Little Jimmy to Drew for the three.

Winners: R-Truth and Xavier Woods - by pinfall (10:33)

On SmackDown: Rhodes and Goldust face Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

AJ Lee makes her way to the ring with Tamina. Kaitlyn enters next.

AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn

Lock up, AJ is flipped over. AJ is slammed, one. Headlock on Kaitlyn, cover. AJ slaps her, and Kaitlyn catches her before she runs off. Kaitlyn catches the crossbody and throws her into the corner. Headlock in place on Kaitlyn. AJ kicks her in the corner. AJ spins Kaitlyn around into Black Widow, Kaitlyn throws her off in the corner. Sleeper hold in. Kaitlyn catches AJ and drops her to her knee. Big clotheslines, followed by a big shoulder block. Dropkick connects from Kaitlyn. Tamina distracts, and AJ locks in Black Widow and Kaitlyn taps.

Winner: AJ Lee - by submission (4:39)

Raw Rebound: Randy Orton celebrated his win at TLC to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. In the main event, Daniel Bryan beat Orton by DQ. Cena attacked Orton, but Randy got the upper-hand to end the show.

The Miz makes his way to the ring with Foley Claus in his corner.

The Miz vs. Curtis Axel

Miz attacks Axel after handing him Ryback's action figure. Miz clotheslines Axel out of the ring. Axel kicks Miz in the corner. Axel connects with a dropkick. Headlock in place, flapjack from Miz. Curtis hits a neckbreaker from the ropes. Chinlock in place, Miz gets out. Axel hits a clothesline from behind, two. Axel slowly works on Miz by rubbing his face against the ropes and kicking him. He locks in a chinlock again.

Clotheslines from Miz, backbreaker and neckbreaker connect for a two. Axel with a flapjack into the ropes, swinging neckbreaker follows for a nearfall. Miz slings Axel into the turnbuckle, DDT follows, two. Axel stacks Miz up. Ryback gets up on the apron, Foley tries to pull him down, and Miz makes the save. Mr. Socko connects to Ryback, Miz hits the Skull-Crushing Finale on Axel for the three.

Winner: The Miz - by pinfall (8:32)

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