WWE Main Event Results (6/5/13) - Sheamus vs. Cesaro

WWE Main Event

The show starts with Josh Matthews, The Miz, and Ricardo Rodriguez on commentary. Matthews says we are just under two weeks until WWE Payback!

Josh mentioned that Sheamus had a great win over Barrett last week. Miz then mentioned that he defeated Barrett on Raw. The commentators hype the similarities between the strong men.

Sheamus vs. Antonio Cesaro

They lock up. Sheamus ends up in the corner. Another lock up. Sheamus side flips Cesaro. Cesaro locks in a head submission with his legs. They lock up again. Sheamus gets thrown, and then counters with a shoulder block. Cesaro locks in a gut lock, and then a slam. Cesaro follows it up with a delayed suplex. Sheamus launches himself from the apron, for a one count. Sheamus is able to get an arm lock in. Cesaro pushes him to the corner to get out. Sheamus unloads with punches. Cesaro counters with a boot. Sheamus hits a slam, for a pin. They go to the outside, and Sheamus throws him into the barricade. Back in the ring. Cesaro gets some much needed offense in.


When we come back, they are locked up. Cesaro hits a super slam for a two. Sheamus tries to counter, Cesaro hits an uppercut. Trade of blows. Cesaro pins Sheamus for a two. Cesaro kicks him around. Cesaro applies a head lock. Sheamus powers out. They each trade more punches. Out of nowhere, Sheamus connects with the Irish Curse Backbreaker. Sheamus hits some Irish hammers, and a "spear" into the corner. Sheamus hits Cesaro with the ten forearm clubs to the chest, followed by a shoulder ram into the post. After a knee, Sheamus gets Cesaro back in the ring. Sheamus tried for White Noise, but Cesaro countered with a cross-face chicken wing. Sheamus got out, and hit the rolling senton for a near fall. Sheamus goes up top, but Cesaro nails the uppercut for a two! Cesaro goes up top, and hits a flying knee for another near fall. Cesaro locks in the cross-face submission again, Sheamus attempted to get out. Cesaro hits several quick forearms to the face. Tried for the neutralizer, but Sheamus tried for White Noise. Sheamus lands the brogue kick for the win!

Winner: Sheamus (13:47)

We get several replays of how Sheamus got the win. The commentators compliment Sheamus on his victories over the last few weeks.

Josh and Miz talk about the shocking decision made by Stephanie McMahon on Raw.

Raw Rebound: Stephanie talks about Triple H losing to Lesnar, and then to Curtis Axel, and then his collapse. She is worried about his health. Vince comes out to support her. Triple H is furious backstage, and later takes off. Triple H will face Axel on Raw.

MizTV will be on SmackDown with Orton, Kane, and Bryan.

Josh talks about Damien and Cody's tag team chemistry. Miz says the Uso's are better as far as chemisrty.

The Uso's vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

Cody and Jimmy start. They lock up. They each traded head locks. Jey gets tagged in. Sandow gets tagged in. Jey throws Sandow into the corner. After a kick, they get a two. Cody comes in. Rhodes counters with a slap. Uso's show off impressive tag team work. Jey gets the cover for a two. Jey locks in an arm lock on Cody, and then kicks Rhodes in the face. Rhodes gets a quick pin after a counter. Sandow in. As Sandow goes for a a knee slam, Jimmy moves. Jey comes in to make quick work of Damien. Rhodes helps Sandow out, but the Uso hits a cross body.


When we come back, an Uso hits a slam onto Sandow. Rhodes gets in. Jimmy hits Rhodes with a chest slap. He goes up top and hits an arm slam. A big U-so! chant erupts. Rhodes finally gets some offense in. Sandow gets the tag, and dominates Jimmy. Sandow hits the elbow of disdain for a two. Jimmy gets out of a headlock. Cody gets in again, and lands several kicks to the gut. Cody hits a standing slam. Damien gets in. Jey connects with a clothesline. Jimmy and Cody get in. Uso dominates. Jimmy gets the crowd pumped. After the stink face, Rhodes hits a beautiful disaster kick. The other Uso gets tagged in, followed by the flying splash for the win!

Winners: The Uso's (11:35)

We get a re-cap of what has been going on with Ryback and Cena. They show how Ryback sent him through a table on Raw.

Justin Gabriel is on his way out. Ricardo praises Gabriel by saying that he is a fantastic high-flyer. After the break, Miz points out that we are near Hawkins' hometown of Long Island.

Justin Gabriel vs. Curt Hawkins

Lock up. As Gabriel gets thrown, he hits a shoulder block. Gabriel hits a few arm drags on Hawkins. Curt lands a clothesline, and then a kick. He then hits a suplex on Gabriel, and then knees to the kidneys. Head lock on Justin. Gabriel flips him over, and then a dropkick. Gabriel flips over Hawkins, and then a slam for a two. Gabriel hits a punch, but Hawkins counters with a pin. Curt yells at Justin. Gabriel kicks Curt down. He flips onto the turnbuckle, followed by the 450 splash for a quick win!

Winner: Justin Gabriel (3:42)

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