WWE Main Event Results (6/12/13) - Miz Picks Up Win Before IC Title Match At Payback

WWE Main Event

Josh Matthews welcomes with Wade Barrett on commentary. Only days remain until Payback!

The Miz vs. Cody Rhodes

Lock up. Rhodes hits a shoulder block. Lock up again. Miz gets slung and hits a shoulder block. Miz ducks from moves, and sends him into the turnbuckle head first for a two. Miz with a headlock. Cody turns into submission. Cody gets out. Miz hits a clothesline, went for a boot. Rhodes rolled him up, Miz pinned for a two. Rhodes hits several kicks. Miz counters with punches. Rhodes hits a dropkick for a pin. Miz elbows out of headlock. Rhodes counters, Miz tries for figure four, but Rhodes gets out. As Miz goes in, Rhodes kicks him.


Rhodes with a headlock on Miz. Miz sends Cody out, and then a kick. Miz connects with a punch from the apron. He takes advantage of it, and sends him into the apron. Cody sends his arm into the post. Miz gets in at 9. Cody kicks him, and holds him against the ropes, two count. Knees to the head of Miz. Miz elbows his way out. Cody strategically picks him up for a slam into the ropes, then a two. Cody keeps applying holds to the arm/wrist. Another pin. Submission locked in again. Cody kicks him in the gut. Miz flips Rhodes over the rope, allowing for a breather. Cody gets in at 7. Miz hits a clothesline, and then a boot. Cody flips him onto the apron, Miz rolls him up for a near fall. Miz connects with a running clothesline in the corner, another two. Rhodes counters. Miz hits the knee and neck breaker for a two. Miz tries for SCF, but got sent into the post. Rhodes pins him for another near fall. Cody stomps on his gut several times. Miz locks in figure four, and Cody taps!

Winner: The Miz (13:52)

Sandow is on his way out.

We are reminded that Sandow will take on Sheamus on the Payback Kickoff pre-show match. Sandow is on the mic. He says over the last year, he has wanted to enlighten the unwashed masses. He's going to speak more slowly and use smaller words so we will understand.

Damien Sandow vs. Sin Cara

Sandow kicks Cara several times. Cara punches him, and does a backflip and then a huricanrana. Sandow gets kicked. Sandow counters, and nails several knees to the back. Cara elbows out, and hits a kick to the shoulder. Cara then hits a arm flip from the turnbuckle. Sin Cara shows off with a backflip, while Sandow runs to the ramp.


Sandow slams Sin Cara. Cara ducks a clothesline, tries for a flip, Sandow slams him again for a two. Damien kicks him in the stomach, and then another slam. Sandow with a one. Cara gets out of a headlock, and kicked Sandow. Clothesline form Sandow. Elbow of Disdain for a near fall. Headlock from Sandow. Cara hits a springboard elbow, cross body for a two. Then a roll up on Sandow for another two. Sandow flips him onto the apron only to be kicked. Damien ducks a cross body and hits his new finisher for the win.

Winner: Damien Sandow (6:34)

Cena/Ryback segment and replays of how their match got made. Replays of their match ending from Extreme Rules. Cena: Payback should be hell. Which leads to the announcement of the three stages of hell announcement. (lumberjack, tables, and then ambulance) Highlights of Kofi getting destroyed. Cena getting slammed into a table is shown. Ryback says he will take Cena's spot. John counters it with "for one of us, payback's a b****!"

Tons of Funk vs. The Uso's

Clay and Jimmy start. Lock up. Clay throws him down and then dances. Jimmy punches him, and Clay follows it up with a shoulder block. Sweet T and Jey in. Tensai punches him, and then slams him. Dancing. Jey applies a headlock, and then hits a clothesline. Clay in. They double clothesline Jey. Brodus tries for arm drop, Jey moves and tags in Jimmy. Jimmy nails several forearms and hits. Brodus head-butts him. Clothesline to Jimmy. Clay hits his finisher, but Jey breaks the pin. Jey nailed a Samoan slam on Tensai! The Uso's double kick Clay, Jey gets the pin and win!

Winners: The Uso's (5:07)

Uso's end with some dancing. Josh signs off reminding us to watch SmackDown on Friday, and Payback on Sunday!

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