WWE Main Event Results (7/3/13) - The Real American Returns To Action

WWE Main Event

The show kicks off with Christian coming out for the opening match. Mathews and Rhodes are on commentary. Christian is back with momentum going into the all-stars MITB ladder match. The blue briefcase is hanging above the ring. Sandow cuts a promo saying the festival of ignorance comes to an end when he beats Captain Charisma.

Christian vs. Damien Sandow

Christian gets the claps going. Lock up. Sandow gets to the ropes. Lock up again sending Christian to the corner. Lock up, Sandow focuses on his arm. Christian turns it around. Sandow gets slinged across the ring, and then hits a shoulderblock. Christian gets in a headlock after they dodge each others moves. Christian with a headlock takedown. He connects with another headlock takedown. Christian with a couple of shoulderblocks. Sandow kicks and punches Christian. Sandow slips out, but gets chased back in for a roll-up, kickout. Christian with a slap and arm lock, Sandow does a cartwheel and then beat down for a two. Headlock on Christian. Christian elbows his way out, but Damien unloads with punches and kicks. They sling each other, Christian connects with a flapjack for a nearfall. Sandow headbutts Christian in the gut. They go outside. Christian hits a baseball slide dropkick. Christian gets him back in the ring, but misses a crossbody. Sandow pins for a two. Christian with a kick. They spill outside again.


Christian slaps Sandow, and then slams him to the mat, low clothesline with two-count pin. Christian trips Sandow, but then gets pulled into the ring post. Christian gets back into the ring after an 8 count. Sandow immediately goes on the attack. On the apron, Sandow elbows Christian. Sandow pins for a two. Christian gets put in a head/arm submission. Sandow slams him, tries for a knee, but gets rolled-up for a two. Sandow with a clothesline for a two. Damien buries his foot into Christian's neck. Russian Leg Sweep, followed by the Elbow of Disdain for a nearfall. Sandow slams his head against Christian several times, and yells "You're Welcome!". Sandow throws Christian into the corner, and then gets slapped. Christian goes up top, but Damien counters with punches. Sandow connects with a suplex. Christian rolls Sandow up, kickout. They hit a double clothesline. Christian punches, and then a clothesline. Sandow tried to roll out, but Christian hopped out and slapped him. Sandow gets hit with a missile dropkick, nearfall. Christian hits a reversed DDT. Christian with a kick and then a roll-up. Christian hits a tornado DDT. Sandow hits a neckbreaker, another kickout. Sandow punches Christian, but Christian connects with an uppercut from the turnbuckle. Sandow reverses the Killswitch. Trade of punches. Sandow gets hit with the Killswitch for the victory!

Winner: Christian - by pinfall (18:04)

On SmackDown, The Uso's will take on Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow.

Sin Cara comes out. Mathews compliments Sin Cara on his high-flying abilities. They mention Rhodes' past with Cara. Swagger comes out with Zeb Colter. Colter on the mic. Zeb asks if we remember America and talks about the 4th of July. Americans don't honor the people that founded our country. We party hard and eat heart attack hamburgers. Colter says it's going to be a bad day for Sin Cara. Swagger says "We the People!".

Sin Cara vs. Jack Swagger

They stare at each other until Swagger shoves him. Cara comes out on the attack. Swagger knees Cara in the corner multiple times. Swagger throws him across the ring. Sin Cara hits a elbow, and then Swagger goes to outside where Cara follows and then gets sent into the barricade. Swagger gets in the ring and stands there with his hand over his heart. Cara barely beats the count of ten.


After the commercial break, Swagger connects with a Swagger Bomb. Cara is locked into a midsection hold. After elbowing his way out, Sin Cara rolls Swagger up for a two. Sin Cara gets thrown face-first into the turnbuckle three times. Cara gets his arms wrapped around him, and then elbows his way out only to be slammed down. Cara dodges a legdrop. Sin Cara tries for a hurricanrana, but then gets thrown. Cara eventually hits a crossbaody for a two. Swagger hits a gutwrench, and then locks in the Patriot Lock for the win.

Winner: Jack Swagger - by submission (6:50)

Rhodes and Mathews talk about the mysterious Wyatt Family. They will be debuting on Raw. Another one of their vignettes airs with Bray Wyatt talking, and the rocking chair moving.

RVD returns one week from Sunday!

CM Punk will be making a special appearance on SmackDown.

Mark Henry video package airs that was shown on Raw. It shows stuff from his early days, and then some of his most destructive moments from the last few years. Henry will face Cena at MITB for the WWE Title.

Diva's Champion AJ Lee is on commentary for the next match. After the break, Rhodes asks AJ about what's going on with her and Ziggler. She says they are okay.

Big E Langston vs. Curt Hawkins

Hawkins tries for some offense, but then gets thrown. Big E puts Curt up on the turnbuckle twice after a lock up. Hawkins leaps over Langston and then gets clotheslined. Hawkins is locked into a bear hug. Curt kicks Langston but then gets tossed over Big E, and then thrown out of the ring. Curt with a couple kicks, but then gets kicked off. Hawkins dodges a clothesline, and then Langston runs over him. Big E connects with an awesome- looking splash. Langston hits the Big Ending for the win.

Winner: Big E Langston - by pinfall (3:13)

Big E celebrates in the ring as Mathews wishes us a good 4th of July weekend.

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