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WWE Main Event Results (7/17/13) - The Wyatt Family Attacks Again

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WWE Main Event

Theme music and pyro kicks off the show. Josh Mathews and The Miz are on commentary. Christian's music hits for the opening contest. SummerSlam is just a month away! Fandango dances his way to the ring with Summer Rae with him.

Christian vs. Fandango

Fandango dances around, Christian goes after him. They dodge each other's moves before Fandango slams him to the ground. Christian slaps him and delivers several punches in the corner. Fandango is flipped over his shoulder, Fandango counters with a kick. He is then flipped outside where Christian nails a crossbody from the turnbuckle. They head back into the ring, Summer distracts, Christian hops over Fandango. Fandango knees Christian sending him back outside the ring.


After the break, Fandango has his foot on Christian's face. He places his boot back on him in the ropes. Fandango slings him around and then hits a shoulderblock. Pin and kickout. Christian powers out of a headlock, but is beat up in the corner. Christian slaps him a few times, shoulderblock and flapjack. He goes up top and connects with an elbow. Fandango is tripped into the ropes. He gets slapped and hit with a dropkick for a two. Christian goes up top again for a crossbody and nearfall. Christian tries for killswitch, Fandango nails an enziguri for a two. He goes up top, Christian counters. They trade punches, and Christian is thrown back down. Fandango goes for the leg drop and Christian moves. He tries at the spear, Fandango kicks him. Fandango goes for a suplex but is rolled up in the middle of the ring for the win!

Winner: Christian - by pinfall (8:47)

We get a video package showing what went down between Punk and Heyman on Raw. Punk won't stop until he gets the truth and revenge. Lesnar's music hits and they brawl. Punk is hit with an F5 onto the announcer's table.

On SmackDown, Miz hosts MizTV with special guest, Paul Heyman.


Natalya's music hits for a diva's tag team match. She's teaming with Layla. They are facing Alicia Fox and Aksana. Of course, Natalya will be featured on Total Diva's which airs

Natalya and Layla vs. Alicia Fox and Aksana

Natalya and Aksana start. Natalya locks in a leg hold. Aksana applies a headlock. Natalya takes her down and tries for Sharpshooter. Aksana calls for a timeout and offers a handshake. Natalya takes her hand to the mat and steps on it. Fox tagged in. Nattie takes her down and then is kicked away. They hop over each other, Fox takes Natalya down with her legs. They shake hands and Natalya steps on her hand. Layla tagged in. She takes Fox out with a clothesline and roll-up. She dances and trips Fox. Aksana distracts, but it doesn't work. Layla attempts LOL, Fox counters with dropkick. Alicia pins her twice. Aksana tagged in. She crawls around the ring, and covers her twice, no success. Layla is thrown into the corner where Aksana applies her foot onto her. Aksana knocks Natalya off of the apron, and Layla nails a roundhouse kick for the victory.

Winners: Layla and Natalya - by pinfall (5:17)


Mathews and Miz talk about Brad Maddox's first night as Raw General Manager. Maddox tells Cena he can pick his own opponent for SummerSlam. Fast forward to the end of Raw, where Cena chooses Daniel Bryan. We hear one of the loudest "YES!" chants in history. The match is official: John Cena defends his WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam!

Justin Gabriel comes out to new music and a new jacket with small angel wings on it; he's in action next!


Curtis Axel will defend his Intercontinental Championship against Chris Jericho on SmackDown!

Gabriel's opponent is his former tag team partner, Heath Slater.

Justin Gabriel vs. Heath Slater

Lock up, Gabriel applies an arm lock, and then is hit with an arm drag. Lock up again, Gabriel connects with a shoulderblock and a couple of armdrags. Slater plays the air guitar while Justin howls. Gabriel flips Heath out of the ring and then hops out onto him. McIntyre trips Justin on the apron. Mahal delivers a kick while the ref isn't looking. Slater puts him back in and punches him multiple times. Justin powers out of a headlock, but then is flipped over Slater's shoulder and out of the ring.


Slater kicks Justin, and punches him to the mat for a pin. He puts his knee on his head while in the ropes. Drew and Jinder continue to interfere while the ref is looking away. Gabriel comes back with punches and slaps. Slater goes up top, Gabriel counters by putting his foot up. Justin connects with several kicks for a nearfall. Forearms to Slater, and then the lights go out, it's The Wyatt Family!

No Contest (9:08)

Rowan and Harper attack Gabriel and Slater. They go outside the ring and ambush Mahal and McIntyre. 3MB tries to fight back, but they are no match. Wyatt, of course, is rocking in his chair. They dragged Slater over to Wyatt for another beating. They all get in the ring, where Wyatt hits Sister Abigail on Slater. Rowan and Harper stack everyone on top of each other in a pile. Wyatt gets on the mic. He asks "ain't you tired of running little lamb?!". He tells Kane to follow the buzzards.

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