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Complete WWE Elimination Chamber Kickoff Coverage - Daniel Bryan On Miz TV, Stardust vs. Zack Ryder, More

WWE Elimination Chamber Results
Sunday, May 31, 2015
From the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas
Report by Brooks Oglesby of

Welcome to the WWE Elimination Chamber Kickoff!

The Elimination Chamber is hanging above the ring as Renee Young welcomes us to the show, along with fellow panelists Booker T, Corey Graves & Byron Saxton. Byron notes that 18 Superstars will enter the Chamber tonight, and 12 will be competing inside one for the first time. History will be made tonight. Corey tells us to use #WWEChamber to join the conversation tonight. Booker notes that he was in the first Elimination Chamber Match in 2002, and he still gets goosebumps (and nightmares) from the structure.

Renee announces that Rusev will not be in action tonight, as he suffered an injury to his right ankle on Smackdown. A clip of Rusev walking around backstage on crutches is shown. There is now a vacant spot in the Elimination Chamber Match for the Intercontinental Championship. Booker says that his sources have told him that a former world champion will take the spot.

Tom Phillips is live in the Social Media Lounge. He announces that Lana will be on hand for a Q&A later on during the Kickoff. Use #AskLana to submit your questions.

Kane is talking on the phone backstage when The New Day interrupts. Big E says that The Authority did them a favor on Raw, and they want their backs to be scratched in return. Kane says The Authority is exploring various options on how to reward The New Day, but he announces that all three members of The New Day will be able to compete in the Chamber tonight. Xavier asks if they'll get a bigger pod to fit all three of them. Kane says that he could also make sure they enter the match first, and Xavier backs off.

Back at the panel, Booker notes that The New Day is the favorite, as 3 beats 2 any day. Byron picks The Lucha Dragons as a sleeper favorite who could turn the Chamber into a nitro circus. The panel speculates on the nature of the relationship between The New Day and The Authority.

A promo package detailing the feud between John Cena and Kevin Owens airs. Corey tells the viewers to check out Kevin Owens if they haven't already. Byron says Owens is scary because John Cena has a level of professionalism he has to uphold as the "face of the place," but Owens does not have such a restriction. Booker says Owens is cut from a different cloth. He's been a champion everywhere he's gone. He's done nothing but dominate since his debut in 2000. Booker's toughest opponents have been Canadians, and Canada has a great representative in Owens.

Renee introduces a recap of Neville vs. Bo Dallas from NXT Arrival. Corey says their rivalry went beyond the ring. It extended even to the performance center. They genuinely did not like each other. Byron says that Bo Dallas had moved on from his loss on NXT, but Neville has reopened that wound. Booker says Bo was the darling of NXT, but then Neville came along and became the new sensation.

The discussion moves to Nikki Bella vs. Naomi vs. Paige for the Divas Championship, with everyone banned from ringside. Booker says he sees Naomi taking this match tonight. Corey says Nikki is on the verge of becoming the longest-reigning Divas Champion of all time, and she has momentum. Booker takes a moment to congratulate Stevie Ray for getting a Legends contract.

Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler & JBL are at ringside. Cole notes that Friday is the deadline for Tough Enough applications. Zack Ryder makes his way to the ring. Stardust is out next as Cole mentions Stardust's run-in with Stephen Amell on Raw.

 Zack Ryder vs. Stardust

"Cody" chants as Ryder and Stardust lock up. Ryder whips Stardust, who returns with a shoulder block. Ryder gets up and lands a drop kick and two arm drags in succession. Ryder applies a hammerlock and Stardust fights out. Stardust runs at Ryder, who hits a flapjack and sends Stardust out of the ring. Stardust attempts to climb back in but Ryder lands a dropkick. Ryder brings Stardust back into the ring, and Stardust takes control. He drives a forearm into Zack's back and stomps him to the ground. Stardust applies a bow & arrow, but Ryder gets out of it. Both Superstars get to their feet and Stardust lands some knees to Ryder's solar plexus. Stardust attempts a vertical suplex, but Ryder lands on his feet and lands a neckbreaker. Ryder runs the ropes and lands a jumping clothesline. Stardust whips Ryder into the corner and charges. Ryder gets his feet up and goes for a dropkick but Stardust dodges. Stardust sends Ryder to the apron and charges, but Ryder pulls down the top rope, sending Stardust tumbling. Ryder lands a dropkick from the apron as the apron begins the count. Ryder sends Stardust into the ring and gets onto the apron. He attempts a sunset flip but Stardust counters and holds onto the ropes during a pin attempt. The referee catches him and both Superstars get to their feet. Quick roll-up attempt from Ryder. Stardust hits a side effect for a two-count. Ryder gets Stardust into the corner and lands a Broski Boot for another two-count. Ryder attempts a Rough Ryder but Stardust dodges. Stardust blocks a kick attempt from Ryder and hits Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winner: Stardust

Back at the panel, Renee Young reminds the viewers to tweet questions for Lana using #AskLana. A recap of Lana's breakup with Rusev airs.

Tom Phillips is with Lana in the Social Media Lounge. Tom notes that Rusev will not be competing tonight and asks Lana for her thoughts. She says she doesn't wish anyone harm, but she's not speaking with Rusev right now. The first question asks what she sees in Dolph Ziggler. She says he's funny and good-looking. Tom asks if she's using Dolph or if she has genuine interest. She says of course she has genuine interest. The next question asks how Lana feels about the United States now. Lana says she's judged a lot of people, and when she was judged so harshly by Rusev, it made her rethink things and try to understand different cultures and perspectives. The last question asks how it feels to be free of Rusev. Lana says it's bittersweet. She says life is what we make it, and that happiness is a choice. We define our our destiny, and she's choosing to be happy.

The ring has been converted to the Miz TV set. Summer Rae is in the ring to introduce The Miz, who she calls the definition of a leading man. Miz is wearing some kind of sleeveless hooded robe. The crowd boos as Miz asks the crowd to stop booing Summer. Miz asks the crowd how much they've missed him. He welcomes us to Miz TV. Miz shows a recap of the segment in which Daniel Bryan relinquished the Intercontinental Championship before introducing Bryan himself. Bryan comes out smiling and leads the crowd in Yes chants as he makes his way to the ring. Miz and Bryan both take a seat as "Daniel Bryan" chants break out. Miz tells the crowd to shut their mouths. He says that he and Daniel have had their differences in the past, but it was difficult to watch him relinquish the title, and he sincerely wishes him a speedy recovery. He asks Daniel how he's been doing. Daniel starts to talk, and Miz immediately cuts him off and starts talking about how difficult it's been for him, since he worked so hard to make Bryan a star, going all the way back to NXT. Miz says it's so tragic that his career is over, but Miz feels like the victim here.

He asks what is next for Bryan. Bryan says, first of all, his career is not over. He will be back. Since he's been gone, he wrote a book, out July 21. Miz says that usually when people write books, their careers are over. Miz says that he can help Bryan. Bryan has a 5-Hour Energy promotion. Why isn't he wearing a 5-Hour Energy t-shirt and guzzling one right now? Who dresses him? He looks ridiculous. He's a WWE Superstar. Is he wearing makeup? Miz says that he should be. Miz says he has a team of people that could work for him. Miz will take a measly 10% but he will improve his image. Bryan cuts him off and tells him to shut up. Bryan pauses as the Yes chants take off. Bryan came here to present the Intercontinental Championship to whoever wins it in the Elimination Chamber. He reiterates that his career is not over, and he will be back. Miz says that normally he would smack anyone who interrupts him, but Bryan is lucky that doctors will not allow them to lay a hand on each other. Bryan says he finds Miz TV to be boring, and the crowd agrees. Bryan has an idea to make it more exciting. Bryan snaps his fingers and Macho Mandow makes his way to the ring, in full black and orange gear. Curtis Axel as Axelmania follows him to the ring. Miz immediately beats Macho Mandow down and turns to Axel, who rips his shirt. Mandow gets to his feet and punches Miz. Axel lands a leg drop and Hogan's music plays as Axel and Mandow celebrate. Bryan goes to leave the ring but Axel and Mandow stop him. Axel leads Mandow and Bryan in Hogan's taunt as they pose for all four sides of the ring.

Eden Stiles is backstage with Dean Ambrose. She asks if he's feeling pressure tonight. Ambrose asks which kind of pressure she means. Ambrose says he's relaxed, because he has nothing to lose and everything to gain tonight. He's feeling pressure in his guts, bubbling hatred for The Authority. He gets rid of hit by punching Seth Rollins. He's going to cure it by winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Ambrose says he's sure The Authority is scheming for a way to mess with Ambrose tonight, but he's fine with it. Roman Reigns comes up and asks Ambrose if he got the ice or the cold ones. Ambrose says he didn't and Reigns says that it's a good thing he already did. He says to worry about Seth and Reigns will take care of the rest. Back at the panel, the panel discusses Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose. Corey say intellect beats insanity everytime, so Rollins retains.

JBL is standing inside the Elimination Chamber. He will be serving as our tour guide. Inside each of the four pods will be a competitor or a team. Every 4 minutes a new competitor will enter. The pods are made of Lexan glass. All parts of the Chamber can be used as a weapon.

Back at the panel, Byron says Barrett will walk out of the Chamber as Intercontinental Champion. Corey picks Rusev's replacement to win. Booker picks Sheamus. Renee thanks us for watching as the Kickoff ends.

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