Complete WWE Hell In A Cell Kickoff Coverage


WWE Hell in a Cell Results
Sunday, October 25, 2015
From the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California
Report by Brooks Oglesby of

Welcome to the WWE Hell in a Cell Kickoff!

Fans file into the Staples Center as Renee Young welcomes us to the show.

Byron Saxton, Corey Graves, and Booker T join her at the panel. Byron says that Superstars never forget their experience in the cell. Renee then sends it to the Social Media Lounge, where Tom Phillips announces that The Dudley Boyz will be joining him for a Q&A later tonight. Use #GetTheTitles to send in your questions.

Renee asks the panel their thoughts on the final confrontation between Brock Lesnar & The Undertaker. Byron says this is one of the most important nights of The Undertaker's career. Booker says tonight will be an epic battle between two warriors. Renee notes that we have two Hell in a Cell matches tonight, as Roman Reigns takes on Bray Wyatt inside the cell tonight.

Back at the panel, Byron brings up a interview that Reigns did, in which he said he's willing to get a career-threatening injury in the cell with Bray. Bray did the same in an interview with Michael Cole. Booker says that Bray's a madman, and he's picking Bray tonight. Byron brings up his match with Brock Lesnar, in which he knew he would get hurt going in, and he was smiling during the match. He thinks Reigns will have that same response tonight. Corey notes that Bray always has something up his sleeve, and we haven't seen him in a situation like this in some time.

Backstage, JoJo asks John Cena about his Open Challenge tonight. Cena says it's a night of firsts, as Breaking Ground premieres after Hell in a Cell tonight. Cena says that if you're not first, you're last, and we will start Hell in a Cell off right tonight.

Back at the panel, Renee asks if the PPV setting will change the Open Challenge. Byron says Cena thrives on the pressure of not knowing who his opponent is. Corey speculates that an NXT Superstar might join in tonight, picking Baron Corbin. Byron picks Cesaro. Booker says we'll see someone unexpected and he can't share who it is, but he has sources.

The conversation shifts to Kevin Owens vs. Ryback for the Intercontinental Championship. A clip from earlier today airs, in which Owens, standing in front of a statue of Magic Johnson, says the Staples Center is a major sports arena. Owens says he doesn't follow sports and thinks they're kind of stupid and for the simple-minded. Even though he doesn't follow sports, he knows that the Lakers suck. Even so, people still care about false idols like Ryback. He's going to beat Ryback with the one thing he will always have over Ryback: brains. He's walking out with the Intercontinental Championship as the king of Los Angeles. Back at the panel, Corey says Owens is brilliant and he's getting into Ryback's head. Renee asks when Owens' arrogance will get in his way. Byron says the Intercontinental Championship is Ryback's entire life. It's become his obsession since losing it. Booker picks Owens and hopes he can back up his words tonight.

The conversation moves to the Divas Championship Match between Charlotte and Nikki Bella, with no one allowed at ringside. Renee asks if Charlotte can handle that pressure. Corey says she'd better be able to, or else she'll lose that title. She needs to focus on Nikki. Byron says the demand is starting to pick up for Charlotte as champion, and she needs to focus. Booker says Charlotte is in the best position she could be in, and it's in her DNA that she's going to win tonight.

The conversation moves to Seth Rollins vs. Kane for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Byron says Seth Rollins is the last line of defense for The Authority. Kane may, outside of The Authority, be the strongest force in WWE. Corey puts himself into the running for Director of Operations once Kane loses his job. Booker says he respects Rollins and thinks he's capable of beating Kane. Tonight is his chance to prove it.

Michael Cole welcomes us to ringside alongside JBL & Jerry Lawler. They hype Lesnar vs. Undertaker as Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring, followed by Cesaro & Neville. Stardust and The Ascension are sitting at ringside, with Stardust holding up a "Stardust Section" sign. Rusev comes out next, followed by King Barrett & Sheamus.

Dolph Ziggler, Neville & Cesaro vs. Sheamus, Rusev & King Barrett

Neville and Sheamus start in the ring. Seamus works Neville into the corner and Irish whips him. Neville ducks him and lands a quick kick and an enzuigiri before tagging in Cesaro. Cesar lands a scoop slam and gets on his hands and knees so Neville can land a corkscrew splash onto Sheamus for a two-count. Neville comes back in and gets whipped into the corner. Sheamus tags in Barrett who lands some strikes in the corner before tagging in Rusev. Rusev lands some stomps before tagging in Sheamus. Neville fights back, landing a few strikes, but Sheamus regains control. Neville reverses a suplex and tags in Ziggler. Ziggler runs in and lands a flying forearm and a stinger splash before knocking the heels off the apron. Dolph goes for a famous and Sheamus attempts to counter but Dolph appears to land a botched version. The heels run into the ring and Rusev lands a big super kick onto Ziggler behind the referee's back. Sheamus gets a near-fall on Ziggler as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Rusev is working over Ziggler. He blocks Ziggler's tag attempt and taunts the faces on the apron. Rusev lands a kick to Ziggler's back for a two-count. Sheamus tags in and lands a modified suplex and applies a chin lock. Ziggler works to his feet and lands a jumping DDT. Both men are down as they crawl to their respective corners. Rusev comes in and stops Ziggler's tag attempt. The faces are knocked off the apron. Rusev charges at Ziggler in the corner but he ducks, falling outside the ring. Cesaro gets a hot tag as Barrett tags in. Cesaro lands repeated running European uppercuts to the delight of the crowd before landing a running big boot. Cesaro flips over the top rope landing on the apron. He somersaults off the apron onto Sheamus before uppercutting Rusev on the outside. He runs around the ring to land another uppercut on Sheamus before he climbs to the turnbuckle and lands a cross body on Barrett for a near fall. Cesaro goes for the Cesaro swing but Rusev enters the ring. Barrett dumps him over the top rope and Neville jumps over Cesaro onto Rusev & Sheamus. Cesaro ducks a Bullhammer attempt. Barrett walks into a superkick from Ziggler, allowing Cesaro to swing Barrett around. Neville tags in and lands the Red Arrow for the win.

Winners: Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro & Neville

At the Social Media Lounge, Tom welcomes The Dudley Boyz. He asks about the events from Raw, in which they powerbombed Xavier Woods through a table, leaving him out of commission tonight. The first question asks if they feel bad about that. They say no, as 3 vs. 2 isn't fair. Bubba can't believe that someone would ask if they felt bad. The next question asks if Xavier being out of action will help their chances of winning the titles tonight. Bubba says that Xavier has intentionally disqualified his own team on multiple occasions. They needed to get rid of him, and they did. The next question asks the favorite moment of their careers. Devon says one of them was their return to WWE. Bubba says that tonight will be their new favorite moment when they break their own record.

Back at the panel, the conversation moves to Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker. Corey says this will be the last time we see The Undertaker. Brock Lesnar will not only be the man who broke the streak, but he will be the man who ends The Undertaker tonight. Byron details the many injuries and setbacks Lesnar has worked through. How, then, can The Undertaker put Brock down tonight? Booker says Undertaker can do it tonight, because he's walked into the cell more than any other man. Byron says that, if he loses, this will haunt The Undertaker for the rest of his career. With that, the Kickoff comes to a close.

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