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Complete WWE Money In The Bank Kickoff Coverage - King Barrett vs. R-Truth, More

WWE Money In The Bank 2015 Results
Sunday, June 14, 2015
From the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio
Report by Brooks Oglesby of

Welcome to the Money in the Bank Kickoff!

Joining Renee Young on the panel tonight are Byron Saxton, Booker T & Corey Graves. Renee Young starts by speaking about the passing of Dusty Rhodes last Thursday, and says they'll be celebrating him all night tonight. Booker tells a story about one of his first matches, in which he went out to the ring, had a great match, and when he went back through the curtain, Dusty said, "We won't put on first anymore." Corey talks about how lucky he is to have known Dusty on a personal level. Tweets from Vince McMahon, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon & The Rock remembering Dusty are shown.

The discussion turns to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Renee notes that this a big opportunity for everyone, including Neville. She then shows a clip of Tom Phillips approaching Neville in the parking lot to talk about his big spot on Smackdown. Neville says it's awesome when people reach out to him on social media, and it's flattering, but what he did on Thursday is proof that he'll do whatever it takes.

Back at the panel, Corey notes how high a probability you have to win the title once you have the briefcase. Byron notes that it's an opportunity many Superstars will never get. Booker says history will be made. Corey is holding a replica briefcase, which the WWE Universe can win via a giveaway on the WWE website.

The discussion then moves to John Cena vs. Kevin Owens. Byron says Owens had one of the most impressive debuts in WWE history, but Cena is one of the greatest rebound Superstars in WWE history. He thinks Owens is in trouble. Corey notes that virtually everybody thought that Owens would lose to Cena, and he proved them wrong. He'll do it again tonight. Booker says he's proved himself in NXT and in WWE, but Cena is still the United States Championship. He's up against an engima tonight, in Kevin Owens, and he'd pick Owens as a future Hall of Famer years down the line.

At the social media lounge, Tom Phillips invites the WWE Universe to use #MITB to discuss the show. Tom also announces that Kevin Owens will be on hand for an interview later on during the Kickoff. Use #AskKO to send in questions.

Back at the panel, Renee notes that R-Truth will face King Barrett within minutes on the Kickoff. The conversation then shifts to the Divas Championship Match between Nikki Bella & Paige. A recap of twin magic from Raw a few weeks ago is shown. Byron notes that Paige has been fighting the status quo since she showed up in NXT. Corey says there's nothing wrong with the "empire" when the Bella Twins are at the helm. Booker T says Paige is going for a trifecta, and she'll get it tonight.

The conversation shifts to Ryback vs. The Big Show for the Intercontinental Championship. A recap of the Shellshocked onto Big Show on last Monday's edition of Miz TV is shown. Renee brings up a Tale of the Tape between the two. Big Show has 7 inches of height on Ryback, as well as over 150 pounds. Booker thinks Big Show is on the look-out for a big win tonight.

Backstage, JoJo welcomes Ryback. JoJo asks Ryback if he's worried if Big Show's size advantage is too much to overcome. Ryback says there are two Big Shows. There's the World's Largest Athlete. Then there's the real Big Show, an insecure little man who lives in constant fear. The WWE Universe goes back and forth on whether they love or hate him. But Ryback knows that he takes Ryback's success as a personal slight. He's a bully, and Ryback doesn't like bullies.

Back at the panel, Corey calls Ryback delusional. He's too deep in his head, and Big Show will knock him out and take his title tonight. Byron notes that you do have to believe in yourself to be successful.

Roman Reigns is backstage in the locker room as Dean Ambrose walks up holding Seth's title. Reigns says after tonight, he'll have the briefcase and Ambrose will be the champion. Ambrose asks if he'll get a heads-up when Reigns plans to cash in. Reigns says that he already knows that he'll be the first to know.

The conversation shifts to Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a Ladder Match. Byron says Dean used reverse psychology to get his title shot. Corey says he's a big Seth supporter, but he's a little worried tonight. Booker says Dean knows what it's like to be a champion, judging from his United States Championship reign. He thinks Seth Rollins is one of the most dangerous athletes in WWE.

Renee welcomes Stephanie McMahon to the show. Renee asks Stephanie if The Authority will allow Seth to be in the match alone. Stephanie says they'll respect Seth's decision. If he doesn't want The Authority to be involved, they'll respect that. She guarantees that there will be no involvement. Booker asks if she really wants us to believe that she doesn't have an ace in the hole. Stephanie says she doesn't care what Booker believes, but while Dean as champions would lead to some challenges, Seth understands the risks. Corey asks what she means by risk. Stephanie says that Seth is crystal-clear on what that risk is.

Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler & JBL are ringside. Cole says someone's career will change forever tonight as R-Truth makes his way to the ring. R-Truth cuts a promo about being the king. He says he should be cast in the next season of "Games of the Thrones," because King Barrett is going to be overthrown by King "What's Up?" Barrett makes his way to the ring in regal garb, holding a mic. Barrett says Truth is more like the village idiot. Since his common touch sullied his garments on Smackdown, he had to go to London and get the royal tailors to fashion him a new garment. After this match, Barrett says, Truth and "all these peasants" will hail King Barrett.

R-Truth vs. King Barrett

Barrett takes control with a kick and an Irish whip. Truth ducks a clothesline and lands a headscissors. Truth works Barrett into the corner and takes him out with an arm wrench. Barrett fights out with a headbutt and whips Truth. Truth holds onto the rope and dances. Barrett charges and tumbles over the top rope as Truth pulls it down. Truth dances in the ring as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Barrett levels Truth with a clothesline. He stomps Truth until the referee breaks it up. Barrett moves Truth into the corner and stomps him again. A strong Irish whip to the other corner gives Barrett a two-count. Barrett poses for the crowd before choking Truth against the middle rope. Barrett lands a snap suplex for another two-count. Barrett immediately applies a rear chinlock as Truth fights to his feet. Truth is sent to the corner, but he fights off a charging Barrett with a kick to the face. Truth is fired up as he lands a spinning kick for a two-count. A gordbuster gets Barrett another two-count. Barrett lands a mule kick to Truth's torso and a big boot for a close near fall. Barrett signals for the Bullhammer as Truth struggles to his feet. Truth ducks it and goes for a roll-up, but Barrett holds onto the ropes. Truth runs the ropes and lands a crucifix pin for the win.

Winner: R-Truth

R-Truth celebrates as Barrett looks distraught sitting in the corner. Truth goes to the commentators and tells them that they're all getting new jobs. Michael Cole will be the jester. Since Lawler is also a king, he can be Truth's stunt double. R-Truth then grabs the crown from ringside and begins to walk away. Barrett approaches Truth at ringside and Truth stops in his tracks. He tosses the crown to Barrett and runs up the ramp.

Michael Cole then moves to the passing of Dusty Rhodes. JBL thanks Dusty for all he's done. Lawler says there was no one like him, and there never will be. Cole says Dusty was so proud of getting to work with new talent down at the Performance Center. A package in remembrance of Dusty airs.

Backstage, Tom Phillips welcomes Kevin Owens. Kevin says he requested this time, but it wasn't to talk to Tom. The first question asks Kevin's biggest fear going into this match. Kevin says he doesn't have any. He's beaten Cena before. The next question asks why Kevin disrespects other Superstars. Kevin says he just tells the truth. Those people have just bought into the lies. The next question asks about a Fight Owens Fight rally towel. He jokes about changing his shirt to a neon green one and then says no. He will beat John Cena, but he will not become him.

Back at the panel, the discussion moves to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Renee, clearly moved by the package for Dusty, says that, aside from Dusty, that's what we're here for tonight. Byron says someone could change the landscape of WWE by winning the briefcase tonight. Renee introduces a package previewing the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. The package notes that Kane, Randy Orton & Dolph Ziggler have all successfully cashed in a briefcase in the past. Reigns, on the other hand, has been a victim. Kofi Kingston has been in 5 MITB matches, but has yet to win one.

Byron picks Kane to win. Corey picks Roman Reigns. Booker picks Kofi Kingston. The show will begin in minutes as Renee takes us off the air.

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