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Complete WWE TLC Kickoff Results


WWE TLC 2016 Results
Sunday, December 4, 2016
From the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas
Report by Brooks Oglesby of

Renee Young welcomes us to the Kickoff panel alongside Booker T, Peter Rosenberg, and Daniel Bryan. Peter says he was in attendance for the debut of The Shield at TLC a few years ago, and tonight will be a big night for women's wrestling.

Tom Phillips, meanwhile, is in the Social Media Lounge. He invites us to use #WWETLC to join the conversation. Later on during the Kickoff, Alexa Bliss will be joining Tom for a live Q&A, so use #AskAlexa to send in questions.

The conversation moves to the Tag Team Championship Match between the teams of Heath Slater & Rhyno and Bray Wyatt & Randy Orton. Booker says he knows a little bit about tag wrestling, and Slater and Rhyno are in a tough spot tonight. Their backs are up against the wall, and they must do something drastic. Bryan says we haven't seen a lot of Orton and Wyatt teaming, but Rhyno & Slater have been cohesive in the past few months. Peter says Bray and Orton will be too much for Rhyno & Slater to overcome. Bryan picks Heath/Rhyno to retain. Peter and Booker pick Bray and Orton.

Up next for discussion is the No Disqualification Match between Nikki Bella & Carmella. Bryan says he's concerned about Nikki's neck, following her surgery. That being said, he says that Nikki wants this fight. Booker says Carmella is trying to make a name for herself by picking the biggest fish in the lake, so Nikki has to prove that she still has what it takes. Peter shows off his Bella Twins socks to show his support. Booker says he th0ught his name was "Peter," not "Mark." Peter and Bryan pick Nikki to win. Booker picks Carmella to win.

Renee moves the discussion to The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler in a Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship. Renee asks if this could be the match of the night tonight. Bryan says that Miz, despite their differences, has really elevated the championship. Booker says Dolph Ziggler is talented, but The Miz has stepped his game up to another level. Along with that, Maryse is always an x-factor. Peter says the WWE Universe was frustrated when Miz won the title back, and this rivalry reminds him of Savage/Steamboat. Booker picks Miz. Peter and Bryan pick Dolph. Bryan then takes his leave.

The conversation moves to Baron Corbin vs. Kalisto in a Chairs Match. Booker says he could go back to The 1-2-3 Kid vs. Razor Ramon. Kalisto has proven himself to be formidable, and the chairs could be an equalizer. Peter says The 1-2-3 Kid didn't have chairs, so this could really give Kalisto an advantage. Booker says Baron will have a bigger impact in WWE, whereas Peter says it will be Kalisto if he gets the win tonight.

Up next, the panel previews Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss in a Tables Match for the Smackdown Women's Championship. Natalya joins the panel. Renee asks Natalya about her experience in Tables Matches. Natalya says her Tables Match changed her career and solidified her status as a great women's competitor. Natalya says Smackdown Live has opportunities, and it's time for a change, so she sees Alexa defeating Becky tonight. Peter notes that it's been a big week for women's wrestling, with Sasha defeating Charlotte for the Raw Women's Championship. Peter picks Becky. Booker picks Alexa.

At the Social Media Lounge, Tom Phillips welcomes Alexa Bliss. The first question asks her inspiration. Alexa says Trish Stratus and Rey Mysterio, who she considers role models. The next question asks if she has doubts, considering she lost in Glasgow. She says no, because her foot was on the ropes and she was cheated out of the victory. Tonight, she'll prove that she deserves the title. The next question asks why she'd be a better champion than Becky, and what she can do that Becky can't. Alexa says that she was built from the ground up to be what the future of this company looks like. Alexa asks Tom why she deserves to be champion. Alexa then cuts him off and says she has a match to get ready for as she walks off.

Mauro Ranallo, JBL & David Otunga are ringside as the competitors for the 10-Man Tag Team Match make their way to the ring.

The Hype Bros, American Alpha & Apollo Crews vs. The Vaudevillains, The Ascension & Curt Hawkins

Hawkins and Apollo start in the ring. They trade holds before Apollo lands a shoulder tackle and a standing front handspring. Apollo hits a dropkick and tags in Ryder, who stares down Hawkins. Hawkins tags in Viktor, who works over Ryder in the corner. He charges and Ryder gets knees up. Ryder misses a dive and walks into a back elbow from Viktor. Ryder reverses a suplex attempt into a hangman's neckbreaker, and Ryder tags in Mojo. They hit a tag team clothesline/scoop slam. Mojo shouts "Hammertime!" and lands a double fist drop on Viktor, who tags in Konnor. Mojo gets into a 3-point stance and takes out Konnor's leg. Konnor pushes Mojo into the heel corner as English tags in. He works over Mojo's arm, but Mojo fights out with a punch. Mojo tags in Jason Jordan, who lands a fireman's carry takeover before Gable tags in. They attempt a double ankle pick and clear the heels from the apron. Gable lands a headscissor, then sends Gotch through the middle rope. Viktor sends Gable to the outside and the teams take turns tossing each other to the outside, one by one, until only Apollo remains. All 10 wrestlers get into the ring and start brawling. The faces clear the ring and celebrate.


Back from commercial, Hawkins lands a suplex on Gable. He applies a rest hold as Gable fights to his feet. Hawkins lands a drop toe hold and tags Viktor in. Viktor stomps Gable and tags in Konnor. They land a combo splash/knee lift for a near-fall. Konnor applies a rear chinlock as Gable again fights to his feet. Viktor tags in and continues to work over Gable. English tags in and lands a kick before tagging Gotch in. They land punches before Gotch tags in Viktor, who goes back to applying the chinlock. Gable fights into his corner and reaches for the hot tag, but the heels run around ringside and pull the faces off the apron. Viktor lands a pop-up superkick, and Jordan breaks up a pin attempt. English tags in and applies a front facelock. English launches Gable into the heel corner and Gable knocks Hawkins from the apron. Gotch tags in and accidentally knocks one of his teammates off the apron before tagging in Konnor. Gable gets the hot tag to Jordan, who lands shoulder blocks and a dropkick on Konnor before hitting Gotch with a capture suplex. A flapjack takes out English as Jordan lands an Olympic Slam on Konnor. Gotch breaks up the pin attempt but Ryder knocks him to the outside. Mojo climbs into the ring and he and Ryder land the Hype Ryder on English. The Ascension hit the Fall of Man on Mojo as American Alpha climbs to the top rope. They land tandem clotheslines as Apollo suplexes Hawkins to the outside. Gable tags in and American Alpha lands Grand Amplitude for the win.

Winner: The Hype Bros, American Alpha & Apollo Crews

The panel praises the action so far as well as the hot crowd.

The conversation moves to the Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match for the WWE World Championship between AJ Styles & Dean Ambrose. Renee notes that this match might lend itself to Ambrose, who has no fear. Booker says he thinks Ambrose will be all business tonight, as he knows the stakes. Booker and Peter pick Styles to retain. A vignette for the main event airs as the Kickoff goes off the air.

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