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Monday Night Raw Live Coverage 5-20-19

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Welcome to Monday Night RAW, we are opening hot with our NEW Mr Money In The Bank. Brock Lesner. Seth is forced to come out after Paul Heyman said a few choice words. Then Kofi arrived, screaming Wildcard. Paul tell both men they have matches tonight. So Brock and the contract won't be going anywhere. Sami backstage begs Lashley for his help against Braun up next, Lashley declines, Sami vs Braun next.

The match was short, early on some stage fighting,  and a small built for Lashley vs Braun at Super Show Down. Sami gets Braun in the ring after, literally,  running Braun's shoulder into every ring post. Braun still gets the upper hand for a quick win after the bell rings. 

Next Lars Sullivan speaks. Fun Fact: he has a VERY strong lisp so this will go very well. 

Lucha House Party interrupts before he could say a word. All three men get the upper hand, but Lars recovers quickly. The 3 men retreat, leaving before he could finish. 

 right after commercial break, we get Cesaro vs a hurt Ricochet. After trying to get the upper hand, Ricochet is thrown onto his hurt back on the outside, and we go to break. We come back, and after a wicked uppercut. A back breaker, and the nuetralizer. Cesaro wins with a 3 count. 

Backstage, AJ Styles is being interviewed by Charlie. He says he will have to go to the back of the line, when Baron Corbin interrupts and says it's a slap in the face that he didn't get a title shot and AJ did. AJ slaps him. Baron tells him he will regret that and walks away.

 Roman comes to the ring and is interrupted by Shane McMahon. Who says he is done with the Miz, Roman says he is done with Elias, and says the two should have a match tonight. Shane teases the crowd, then says it's not happening. Then introduces Drew McIntyre, and says they will have a match at Super Show Down. 

Miz tells Shane once he is done with McIntyre, he will come for him again. USOS vs The Revival. Revival wins after a roll up and a grab of the tights. Alexa backstage tell Nikki she did good but she didn't win,  Revival comes in screaming how they best the USOS. 

After an amazing Firefly Funhouse. Alexa, along side Nikki Cross are out for a moment of bliss. Becky is the special guest, but Iiconics comes out, bash Becky because she is no longer becky2belts. Lacey comes out and says everyone should thank her for that. Becky, Nikki, & Alexa vs Iiconics & Lacey Evans. Lacey leaves the. Arch, Becky wins after a leg drop off the top rope to Billie Kay.

Mick Foley introduces the 24/7 title. Titus Oniel wins it first, until Robert Roode comes out and pins him. Runs backstage with other competitors chasing after him.

Next Miz vs McIntyre.  Mature wins with distraction from Shane. Reigns come out after the two men tries to jump Miz after the match.

Samoa Joe cuts a promo asking Rey to do the right thing and return the title. Backstage R-Truth becomes the new 24/7 Champion, taking the title to Smackdown. 

 main event, Kofi & Seth vs Corbin & Lashley, no dq tag match. Kingston and Rollins win, but is laid out in the ring  like clock work Brocks music hits. He circles the ring, and Paul Heyman comebacks next week to announce who's championship he will cash in on. That's was RAW folks. 

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