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Live Report From This Week's WWE Smackdown Taping In Edmonton

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Wrestling News World reader Dustyn attended this week's Smackdown taping in Edmonton and sent in the following live report:

Prior to the event, I went to the area where the superstars arrive. I saw a lot of them. I saw 10-12 NXT guys, including Bo Dallas, some of the NXT divas, as well as Bray Wyatt. I saw the Brooklyn Brawler and Harvey Wippleman around the production trucks. I got autographs and pics with Daniel Bryan, Ricardo, Tyson Kidd and Matt Striker. I've heard before that Matt Striker takes the time to talk, sign, and take photos with EVERYONE, and I can tell you, it's true! He was the nicest WWE guy I've met so far.

Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Jericho, and JBL got the biggest cheers of the evening. They were all pretty equal. Orton got tons of cheers too.

Heyman got lots of boos, I was cheering for him.

The crowd loved The Shield. Sandow got about 50/50 cheers/boos. During his challenge (cups and ball) at the end, Sheamus asked him to show the ball. The crowd started chanting, "Show Your Balls!!" Best chant of the night.

The crowd LOVED the post match segment with Ryback/Kofi and the tables. Ryback got a table from under the ring, and put Kofi thru. The crowd chanted "One More TIme." Ryback got another table and put Kofi thru again. He got a third and final table, and again put Kofi thru it. He was stretchered off to the back.

During the Big E/Del Rio match, there was a sign that showed a picture of Carlton Banks (Fresh Prince of Bel Air) and a picture of Big E. It said "Before" over Carlton and "After" above Big E. Good stuff. AJ is beautiful, that is all.

The most recent advertised dark match was Sheamus, Orton, and Kofi vs The Shield. Obviously wanting to sell Kofi's injuries from earlier in the night, it was changed to Orton and Team Hell No vs The Shield. Great way to end the evening.

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