Live Report From WWE Survivor Series


Wrestling News World reader Jameson sent in the following live report:

I just got home from Survivor Series (traveled from Ireland). It was a great show live, I don't need to tell you the results but the crowd was much louder live than on PPV.

Morrison came out to some heat, while crowd popped for Ziggler, Ryder chants threw out the match, and one of the biggest pops I've ever heard for his entrance.

Divas match was quiet but again Ryder chants and a pop for the Glam Slam

5 v 5 next with a nice pop + chants for Cody Rhodes
Sin Cara bump looked nasty live. Batista chants for Ryan

WHC match, Sexual Chocolate chants to start the match, followed by Mae Young chants! Boring, HBK, Savage, Bryan + Undertaker chants...we were waiting for the big finish...

Not enough heat on Del Rio, while Punk was so over, CM PUNK chants all match, arena marked out for the title change!

Main Event - Rock's over, Cena boo'd out of the building.

Great show, but with the titantron setup roughly 3,000 were tapped off, prefer the old set up! Crowd chants were out of sync with one side chanting over the other

The Rock's merchandise was sold out within 15mins of doors opening, followed by Punk and Ryder.

Biggest Pops

Most Heat
Awesome Truth
Morrison/Del Rio (imo)

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