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Complete WWE Battleground Kickoff Results

WWE Battleground

WWE Battleground Results
Sunday, July 24, 2016
From the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.
Report by Brooks Oglesby of

Renee Young welcomes us to the panel alongside Booker T, Corey Graves, and Jerry Lawler. Tom Phillips is standing by at the Social Media Lounge. He invites us to use #WWEBattleground to join the conversation on social media, and announces that he'll be welcoming Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan to a live Q&A later on in the Kickoff. Use #RawGM and #SDLiveGM to send in your questions.

The conversation moves to John Cena, Enzo & Cass vs. The Club. Renee notes that The Club has been split up by the draft. Corey still gives them the edge tonight based on chemistry. Jerry asks how Cena can align himself with a guy like Enzo. Booker says Cena has always been a locker room leader, and tonight he'll be mentoring Enzo & Cass. Corey and Jerry pick The Club to win, while Booker disagrees.

Renee then brings up the match between The New Day and The Wyatt Family. Booker credits New Day for becoming the longest-reigning tag team champions in company history. Corey talks about his history with Xavier Woods, and says that he's never seen Woods show fear like he has in recent weeks. Jerry says this is the last time they have to face a unified Wyatt Family, thanks to the draft. Renee considers that the draft it may widen the influence of The Wyatt Family. Corey picks New Day, while Jerry picks The Wyatts. Booker can't decide, and picks "Wyatt Day."

Andrea DeMarco is backstage with Zack Ryder. She asks what he thinks his chances of defeating Rusev tonight. Ryder says he knows he has some doubters, but this is familiar territory for him. The last time people doubted him, he won at the biggest WrestleMania of all time. Back at the panel, Corey says the United States Championship is staying on Raw with Rusev. Booker picks Ryder to win, while Jerry and Corey go with Rusev.

Up next is discussion of Charlotte & Dana Brooke vs. Sasha Banks and a mystery partner. Renee asks who her partner might be. Jerry thinks she should pick Summer Rae, who has a lot of pent-up anger over being picked late in the draft. Corey predicts Nia Jax. Booker predicts Lita. Renee thinks it might be Nikki Bella. Booker says he's an insider, and to trust him. Corey says tonight is Sasha's chance to back up all the talk and the all the hype.

The conversation moves to Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens. Cesaro joins the panel and says tonight, his expectation is for them to blow the roof off the building. It's frustrating for him to be sitting here at the panel, because the fans are in for such a treat tonight. He admits that asking him his expectations for tonight is pouring salt in the wound. Cesaro is sick of them interfering in his matches. Cesaro was going to beat The Miz, and they interfered. They fight all the time, and he hopes it gets settled tonight. Booker says this business is all about one-upping each other and making money. Cesaro says this will be the best match on the card, and he's the best wrestler here, he doesn't belong on the panel. Booker brings up his vocal response to the draft. He says he always delivers in the ring, and he would give anything to be in the ring tonight. He's happy to be here, but there are plenty of people who can talk, but WWE needs someone like him who can deliver every night. Cesaro picks Owens to win, and Jerry agrees. Booker picks Sami Zayn.

Tom Phillips welcomes Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan to the Social Media Lounge. The first questions asks what the biggest change will need to be in the new era. Bryan says taking the focus away from the management. In a few months, he wants people thinking about Baron Corbin or Apollo Crews, not Shane McMahon or Daniel Bryan. Foley says Bryan stole his answer. He was frustrated as a fan, watching Bryan take on The Authority. Foley plans to give the ball to whoever is hot. He also wants it to be less about the management. The next question asks which Hall of Famer they'd have liked to pick for their brand. Foley picks Terry Funk, who thrives on giving out advice and helping everyone on the card. Bryan picks Shawn Michaels, because he thinks Shawn can still go. The last question asks how they will specifically revitalize their brand. Foley is looking forward to the interactions between Superstars, and he wants to put emphasis on the in-ring action. Bryan says we have some awesome, risky ideas for Smackdown, and some will hit, some will miss, but they want to push the envelope.

Back at the panel, Renee moves the conversation to the Intercontinental Championship Match between The Miz & Darren Young. A clip from earlier today of Bob Backlund and Darren Young doing squats is shown. A clip of Maryse applying some foundation to The Miz is also shown. Corey says he's a big Miz fan, but he wants Darren to win, because he wants the championship on his show. Jerry picks The Miz to win, and Booker agrees.

The panel notes that Randy Orton will be Chris Jericho's guest on The Highlight Reel later tonight. Booker says Jericho has some tough questions for Orton. Renee sends us to ringside, where Mauro Ranallo and Byron Saxton welcome us. The Usos make their way to the ring first, followed by Tyler Breeze & Fandango.

The Usos vs. Tyler Breeze & Fandango

Fandango and Jimmy Uso start out in the ring. Fandango hits a shoulder block, and runs into a hip toss by Jimmy. Jey tags in and the Usos land a pendulum backbreaker for a two-count. Fandango works Jey into the corner as Tyler tags in and walks into a chop. Tyler lands a stun gun on the top rope as Fandango tags in and lands a slingshot elbow for a two-count. Fandango applies a side headlock as Jey fights to his feet. Fandango tags in Tyler, who grabs Jey's leg before tagging in Fandango. Fandango climbs to the top, but Jey lands a spinning kick to Tyler and knocks Fandango to the outside with a kick as well. Jey crawls to the tag and gets it. Jimmy knocks Tyler from the apron and lands a clothesline and Samoan drop on Fandango, followed by another Samoan drop on Tyler. Jimmy lands a running hip attack in the corner for a near-fall that Fandango breaks up. Jey enters the ring and attempts a splash on Tyler, who ducks it and lands a superkick. Tyler then walks into a superkick from Jimmy. Fandango, in turn, lands another kick on Jimmy for a near-fall. Fandango sets Jimmy up for a superplex, but Jimmy fights out and Jey sets Fandango up for a Doomsday Device, but Tyler breaks it up and sends Jey into the corner. Jimmy jumps over him and lands a cross-body on Breezango, getting a two-count on Fandango. Jimmy climbs to the top rope again and Fandango lands a roundhouse kick, sending Jimmy to the outside. Tyler tags in and jumps at Jimmy from the apron, but misses. The Usos get into the ring and go for suicide dives but Fandango stops them at the ropes with a kick. Jey lands a superkick sending Fandango off the apron. Tyler gets back into the ring and runs into a superkick. Jey climbs the top rope, but Fandango grabs his leg. Jimmy dives out and stops Fandango, allowing Jey to attempt a Superfly Splash. Tyler gets his knees up, however, and rolls up Jey for the win.

Winners: Tyler Breeze & Fandango

Back at the panel, the panelists give their props to Breezango for their win. Renee brings up tonight's main event for the WWE Championship between Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns. A promo package for the match takes us off the air as we head into WWE Battleground.

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