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Complete WWE Hell In A Cell Kickoff Coverage

WWE Hell in a Cell Kickoff
Sunday, October 26, 2014
From American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX
Report by Brooks Oglesby of

Fans are shown filing into the American Airlines Center as Renee Young welcomes us to the WWE Hell in a Cell Kickoff. She introduces the panelists: Booker T, Alex Riley & Paul Heyman. Renee says Heyman is tonight's special guest. Heyman confirms that Brock Lesnar is watching tonight's show with interest. Renee hypes the value of WWE Network. Heyman says he is here to promote WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, not "$9.99." Renee says there is a double main event tonight. Heyman says that Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose will do battle to decide who the greatest former member of The Shield is, while John Cena & Randy Orton face off to decide who will fall to Brock Lesnar next. Renee then introduces a promo package for Ambrose vs. Rollins. The promo package highlights Rollins' betrayal of The Shield, as well as the spot in which Rollins curb stomped Ambrose's head through cinder blocks. After that, it features clips of Ambrose's return and his antics on Raw over the past few weeks.

Back at the panel, Renee asks the panelists what the key to victory in the match between Rollins & Ambrose is. Riley says he has 4 keys to victory for Rollins:

1) Use aerial offense
2) Use the environment
3) Keep the match high-tempo
4) Agitate Ambrose

Riley's 4 keys to victory for Ambrose:

1) Keep Rollins grounded
2) Use the environment
3) Stay emotionally focused
4) Be yourself

Renee asks who the cell structure benefits. Booker says that tonight, both men will have a love/hate relationship with the cell. Heyman says everyone is giving Ambrose the advantage because he "belongs in a cell anyways," but Rollins has a history of strategy in planning for dangerous matches, since he won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Riley says that Rollins has been running from Ambrose for months, and there's no way out for him tonight. Renee then sends it to Tom Phillips in the Social Media Lounge.

Tom says to use #HIAC to discuss the show on Twitter and previews some tweets from the WWE Universe.

Back at the panel, Renee introduces a promo package for Cena vs. Orton. The promo package highlights great sports rivalries in and out of the wrestling business. The package posits Cena and Orton as having started at the same time, but with Orton having been motivated by "sinister and selfish" desires. Cena, on the other hand has been working tirelessly to get where he is. Back at the panel, Renee asks what is really on the line tonight. Booker T says that, in addition to the No. 1 Contender spot, bragging rights are on the line. Booker has always been a Randy Orton guy, but John Cena will never say die. Alex Riley says Cena has more on the line tonight, because he knows how important it is to him to be known as the greatest of all time. He knows that Cena feels that he can defeat Brock Lesnar. Heyman says that this match can be understood as a "winner's nightmare," as the winner will exit Hell and then go seven rungs lower, stepping into the ring with Brock Lesnar. He says their final moment of victory will be tonight, because Brock Lesnar will not relinquish the championship.

Renee then switches gears to promote the upcoming Mizdow TV segment. A clip from last week's Raw is shown, in which The Miz has Damien Mizdow work the match in his place. Riley says that Sheamus is 0-2 against Miz and Mizdow, and that has to rattle Sheamus. Booker thinks that Sheamus still has what it takes to retain the United States Championship. Riley says that he knows that the Miz is smart and crafty. He'll know how to use Mizdow tonight. With that, it's time for Mizdow TV to begin.

Mizdow TV

The Miz's music plays as The Miz and Damien Mizdow make their way to the ring in unison. Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler & JBL welcome us to the Kickoff from ringside. Miz and Mizdow both take a seat in the ring. Mizdow welcomes the crowd to Mizdow TV. The Miz says that he is allowing his stunt double to interview him prior to his championship match out of the kindness of his own heart. Mizdow says to stand and show respect to the inaugural guest of Mizdow TV, but before that, he says that this is, without a hint of irony or sarcasm, the greatest moment of his career. With that said, he formally welcomes The Miz to the show. Mizdow asks where to begin, and Mizdow interrupts, saying he can ask his strategy against Sheamus tonight. Miz says that defeating Sheamus has become second nature, since he's done it so many times. So his strategy is to just "be me." He apologizes to the crowd, as tonight may feel like a rerun, but luckily for them, "it's starring me." Mizdow notes that he was technically the one to pin Sheamus on Raw, making him the first ever stunt double to do so. Miz, however, gave him the strength and courage to do that, so Miz is really who beat Sheamus on Raw. When Miz talks, Mizdow tries to mouth whatever he says. Mizdow says that The Miz was the one who headlined WrestleMania and he was the one to find crossover success. Additionally, he is the next and best United States Champion. Mizdow says, on another note, that from the bottom of his heart, he's the best friend he's ever had. Miz says he's touched and he truly appreciates that, and he's generous enough to give them back. Miz says that Damien is a damn good stunt double. They both seem to be getting emotional as Miz says he's truly proud to call him his friend. They hug, but Sheamus soon interrupts on the Tron. Sheamus says that once they're done hugging it out, Mizdow should get down on his knees and kiss his arse goodbye, because Sheamus is going to retain tonight. Sheamus compares their match to a movie, and he's doing to show a trailer right now. Just like a trailer, he's going to give away the best part. Sheamus takes out the camera with a Brogue Kick. Miz and Mizdow seethe in the ring as Sheamus' music plays.

A commercial for Hell in a Cell airs.

Back at the panel, Renee welcomes us back. She hypes the Tag Team Championship match between Gold & Stardust and The Usos. Heyman says that tonight, the champions will be on the run, as The Usos have momentum. Riley says he loves The Usos and thinks they're the purest tag team on the roster today, but Gold & Stardust have the experience edge. Booker says that Gold & Stardust will hold on to those titles by hook or by crook. Booker says that he and his brother didn't care how they retained the title, as long as they did, and he thinks Gold & Stardust have the same mentality. Riley says that Goldust has done it all, so the key for the champions may be keeping Stardust in check.

Renee then moves the topic to Nikki Bella vs. Brie Bella. A replay of Nikki's promo from Smackdown airs. Renee reminds us of the stipulation: the loser must be the winner's personal assistant for a month. Booker says that this match will have the "shucky ducky quack quack" moment of the night. Heyman asks what that phrase means. Heyman pulls out his phone and says that #ShuckyDuckyQuackQuack is trending worldwide. Renee says that this rivalry goes all the way back to Payback when Brie Bella quit. A replay from SummerSlam airs, in which Nikki betrayed Brie, allowing Stephanie McMahon to get the win. Riley says that these women have known each other since birth, so there will be a lot of emotion in tonight's match. Heyman says that he's an only child, so he doesn't understand sibling rivalry.

Next up to discuss is Cesaro vs. Dolph Ziggler in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match for the Intercontinental Championship. Booker says Cesaro has the intestinal fortitude to hang with Ziggler in the late rounds of the match. Riley says that this is arguably the most prestigious championship in the company, and he knows how important it is to Ziggler. He thinks this could be the 2014 match of the year. Heyman says this is sports entertainment at its finest.

Renee then brings up Rusev vs. Big Show. A promo package airs in which Lana runs down America while talking up Russia as the superpower of the world. Clips are shown from the segment from Raw in which Rusev kicked the fan in military garb who entered the ring. Back at the panel, Renee says national pride is on the line tonight. Heyman says that this is the match that neither man can afford to lose. Tonight we will either see Rusev crush Big Show or Big Show knock out Rusev. Heyman also says that he has been very impressed by Rusev since his debut. Booker says that Rusev has been backing up all of his talk, and Big Show has a big uphill battle tonight. Renee then sends the Kickoff to ringside, as we have a match taking place.

Mark Henry's music hits as he makes his way to the ring. Cheers for Mark Henry turn to boos as Bo Dallas' music hits. Bo comes out with a mic. He says he's beaten Mark Henry four times, and that makes him the new world's strongest man. Bo says he's so strong that he's immune to the disease that Dallas is spreading throughout the country. Bo says that tonight, he's changing his name to Bo Washington. And after he beats Henry tonight, he's doing what any smart man would do. He's Bo-"leaving."

Mark Henry vs. Bo Dallas

Henry goes right after Bo, punching him into the corner. He tosses Bo roughly across the ring and charges into him in the other corner. Bo's shirt has been almost completely ripped off. Bo stumbles out of the corner right into a World's Strongest Slam for a three-count.

Winner: Mark Henry

Bo crawls up the ramp, grabs a mic and says that he wasn't ready. He says Mark is a cheater, and cheaters never win. In the record book of life, Bo's the winner. He's 5-0 against Mark Henry, because he Bolieves. Henry picks up Bo and throws him against the barricade. He shouts "That's what I do!" as we go to commercial.

Back at the panel, Renee says that the Divas Championship will be on the line, as AJ Lee takes on Paige. She sends it to Byron Saxton, who is backstage with Alicia Fox and Paige. Paige says that AJ ripped her heart out, but Alicia picked up the pieces and took care of her in her darkest times. She says she loves Alicia. Tonight, she's going to steal back her best friend, the Divas Championship. Alicia says "Love you!" into the mic and they walk off. Alicia comes back and flips Byron's tie.

The panel reminds the viewers that the show will continue on WWE Network as she introduces a "by the numbers" package.

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