*Complete* WWE Money In The Bank Kickoff Results


WWE Money in the Bank Kickoff Results
Sunday, June 19, 2016
From the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada
Report by Brooks Oglesby of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Welcome to the 2016 Money in the Bank Kickoff!

Renee Young welcomes us to the Kickoff panel alongside Corey Graves, Lita, and Booker T. Corey invites us to use #MITB to join the conversation. The panelists recap their adventures in Las Vegas this weekend and wish all the dads out there a happy Father's Day. Booker says it will be pandemonium tonight. Corey says there's nowhere else he'd rather be, since Seth Rollins will be holding the title at the end of the night. Lita says there are also personal issues to be settled tonight.

Tom Phillips, in the Social Media Lounge, announces that Becky Lynch & Natalya will be joining him later for a Q&A. Use #HartAndFire to send in your questions.

Back at the panel, Renee brings up John Cena vs. AJ Styles. Renee brings up that this is Cena's first PPV since October. Booker says he's a big-game player, but AJ Styles has won championship gold everywhere he's competed. AJ is a phenomenal athlete, but Cena has been to the mountaintop 15 times. Corey says a win tonight will give AJ a clean slate after coming up short against Roman Reigns and Chris Jericho. Lita asks if we'll see The Club involved tonight. Booker picks AJ to win, and Lita agrees. Corey picks Cena.

The conversation shifts to the Fatal 4-Way Match for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Renee says New Day has held the title for over 300 days, but they don't need to be pinned to lose the titles. Booker says he likes Enzo & Cass, and he's impressed by Enzo's recovery. Lita says The Club could solidify their spot by winning the titles tonight. Corey picks The Vaudevillains to win.

Tomorrow, immediately following Raw, AJ Styles will appear on the Stone Cold Podcast.

Mauro Ranallo and Byron Saxton are ringside as The Golden Truth make their way to the ring. A visibly sunburned Tyler Breeze and Fandango make their way out next.

Breezango vs. The Golden Truth

Fandango and R-Truth start in the ring. Fandango is hesitant to lock up, and the mere touch of locking up hurts Fandango. R-Truth hits a chest chop and a shot to the abdomen and back. Tyler Breeze is tagged in, which also hurts Breezango. R-Truth tags in Goldust, and they hit a tandem chop to Tyler's chest and back. Tyler attempts to take control but takes another strike to the back and chest. Goldust sets up Shattered Dreams but Tyler fights out. He jumps from the second rope, jumping into a strike to the abdomen. R-Truth tags in and Tyler gets a tag to Fandango. Fandango flinches, leading R-Truth to slap his back. R-Truth punches Fandango in the corner 10 times, then goes to run the ropes. Tyler pulls down the ropes but R-Truth sees him and slaps his back. Fandango takes control from the distraction and Goldust enters the ring. The ref removes him and Fandango keeps Truth on the ground as he tags in Tyler, who works Truth's leg in the corner before tagging Fandango back in. R-Truth fights to his feet and lands a leg lariat, and both Superstars are dodwn. Goldust gets the hot tag and chops Tyler repeatedly before landing a signature dropping strike to the face. Fandango jumps into a Manhattan drop and Goldust hits an atomic drop on Breeze. Tyler tags in Fandango and they attempt a dual lariat but Goldust ducks and R-Truth pulls Tyler out of the ring. Goldust hits The Final Cut on Fandango for the win.

Winners: The Golden Truth

Backstage, Cesaro is listening to music as Sami Zayn walks in. Sami says they need to talk, and Cesaro gets up and takes his headphones off. He says he needs to get in the zone. Cesaro says he's never been the chosen and this is his chance tonight. Sami says he thinks everyone's underestimating him and that's going to make winning even sweeter. Cesaro says Sami seems pretty determined. Cesaro'll do it his way, and Sami'll do it his way. Cesaro says he'll see Sami out there.

Back at the panel, the discussion moves to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Booker says it's impossible to prepare for the pain you'll suffer in the match. Lita says everyone has put in years of hard work to prepare for this match. Renee asks Corey if this could be Jericho's night. Corey calls him a favorite, though anyone could win tonight. Lita notes that Jericho must be feeling the heat of the new era. Lita picks Sami Zayn to win. Booker says Ambrose is a sleeper who could pull it off tonight. Lita notes it would make the current title situation very interesting.

Tom Phillips is with Becky Lynch and Natalya in the Social Media Lounge. The first question asks why they work so well as a team. Natalya says she's known Becky for over 10 years. Becky says Natalya is her "hart." The next question asks their inspirations. Becky names Dynamite Kid, Bret Hart, and Mick Foley. Natalya names Bret, Shawn Michaels, and Randy Savage. The final question asks what they thought of what Charlotte said to Ric Flair. Becky says Charlotte has turned on everyone. However, for every title defense, she's had Ric Flair on her side, and now she's gotten more cocky than a rooster. Natalya says revenge is a dish best served cold.

Back at ringside, Kalisto and Sin Cara make their way to the ring. The Dudley Boyz are out next.

The Lucha Dragons vs. The Dudley Boyz

Bubba and Kalisto start in the ring. Bubba talks some trash and pushes him. Bubba mocks him as Kalisto rolls across the ring for positioning. Bubba tries to coax Kalisto into their corner as he tags in D-Von, who keeps Kalisto in the corner. Kalisto ducks out and D-Von pushes Kalisto into another corner. Kalisto lands some punches and slides through D-Von's legs before landing a modified monkey flip and tagging in Sin Cara. Sin Cara lands a springboard cross-body on D-Von and a springboard moonsault on Bubba. Kalisto and Sin Cara both land somersault planchas on the Dudleyz and send them back into the ring. Both Lucha Dragons climb the top rope but the Dudleyz hit the ropes, sending them to the apron.


Bubba is working Sin Cara in the corner. He lands a clothesline and works his leg as D-Von gets tagged in. D-Von chokes Sin Cara on the middle rope and follows with an elbow drop for a two-count. D-Von switches to a grounded chinlock as Sin Cara gets to his feet. D-Von lands a spinning elbow strike and tags in Bubba, who lands a vertical suplex for a near-fall. Bubba yells about ripping Sin Cara's mask off and lands some strikes before mocking the "Lu-cha!" taunts, which allows Sin Cara to land a dropkick. Kalisto and D-Von get tagged in. Kalisto lands a springboard attack on D-Von, knocks Bubba off the apron, and lands a springboard corkscrew. He then lands a spike rana and a seated senton for a near-fall, broken up by Bubba. Bubba tags in and gets Kalisto up on his shoulders. D-Von tags in and lands a Doomsday Device, but the pin is broken up by Sin Cara. Bubba clears Sin Cara from the ring. D-Von charges at Kalisto but hits Bubba. Kalisto attempts a quick roll-up for a 2-count. D-Von retakes control and tags in Bubba, who shouts "3D!" Kalisto holds onto the ropes, sends D-Von out of the ring, and hits a Salida Del Sol on Bubba as Sin Cara tags in. Sin Cara lands a Swanton Bomb for the win.

Winners: Lucha Dragons

Back at the panel, the conversation moves to Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Lita says this could've been a WrestleMania moment had Seth not been on the shelf after carrying the company for so long. Lita knows what it's like to be sidelined and watch other people take your spot, and Seth is focused tonight. Booker says Seth did what he needed to do get back here 100%, and we're going to find out tonight if he was really the architect in The Shield. Corey says Roman's gameplan should be to target Seth's knee. Corey says The Shield was a sum-of-all-parts effort, but tonight, Rollins walks out as champion. Lita agrees. Booker picks Roman to retain. We end the Kickoff with a promo package detailing the conflict between the members of The Shield.

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