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WWE Raw Results From Los Angeles - Joe Clutches And Cass Crushes

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Welcome to this week's WWE Raw "Open Thread" featuring streaming live results and your discussion from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA.

WWE Raw Results
Monday, June 26, 2017
From the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA
Report by Kendra Bunyon

Raw Starts with Reigns to the ring to much heat. He accepts Strowman's challenge for Great Balls of Fire before being cut off by an ambulance again backing in, but this time into the arena. Reigns couldn't find Strowman in the back of the ambulance but was then attacked from behind and tossed across the stage and then into the side of the ambulance before being loaded into the back of it before the siren again started and left the arena with him.

Samson, Cesaro, and Sheamus are announced by JoJo, all three sitting in the ring, Samson in the middle with his guitar. All start singing but they are cut off by the Hardy Boyz. Balor out to round the Six Man Tag Team Match. Josh Duhamel added to the announce table to push his movies, one involving Sheamus. After much hard work from all six, Balor pins Cesaro for three. Balor & Hardys defeat Samson & Cesaro & Sheamus

A Shattered Dream Production - Goldust talks up his return to the past and his return to the ring to face R-Truth.

Goldust to the ring with his own film operator, dressed in gold, backed in front of him to the ring. The filmer in gold stays in the ring recording it all as Goldust attacks R-Truth and beating him down. The opening bell is never rung.

Backstage Heyman is introduced and says Lesnar will be calling out Joe in the ring later tonight. Joe jumps Heyman from behind in a choke but drops the actual hold to just hold Heyman's head in his hands, stating that the hold is for Lesnar, not him.

Backstage Bayley picks her number in the Gauntlet Match in tonight's main event.

Miz TV - Maryse doesn't look too thrilled with Miz. LaVar and LaMelo out, Lonzo out to join them. After banter Ambrose came in a BBB shirt and the segment was cut short. (Yes, I'm serious, the segment was a mess and they decided backstage to cut the segment short, which is why the ending was that choppy.)

Another Six Man Tag Team Match - Miz & Bo & Axel vs Rhyno & Slater & Ambrose. On announce they trash LaVar Ball and his very ugly, very expensive sneakers. All six men work the ring hard, showing that they're all great superstars, even if we haven't seen much of some of them. After much distraction by Miz and an attack on Rhyno from Axel from the apron, Bo gets the three. Miz & Bo & Axel defeat Ambrose & Slater & Rhyno

Video recap of the Enzo and Cass drama last week.

Enzo out bouncing around does his opening schtick sans Cass. "How you doin'!" chants back at him and he responds to how he's doing - not good. He's been all over getting in touch with Cass all week, including calling his mother. He calls out Cass to talk, right now. Cass out to new music. Enzo admits that Cass was right about a lot last week, but they're brothers and they can't break that. Beyond the WWE, they are brothers in life. Enzo pours it out and Cass just stands there. Cass takes the mic and seems to be showing remorse, apologizes (to heat). They shake hands and hug, tears from Enzo again. Cass says that he's not going to let all this end them. S-A-W-F-T, then hugs and they leave the ring together all happy. But, of course, on the stage posing, a huge clothesline on Enzo. Cass then mockingly pose and yells about how the fans love Enzo and want Enzo, they can have him. Cass lifts Enzo over his head and throws him down the ramp. Enzo rolls to the bottom. Cass poses again as people rush to attend to Enzo.

On announce, Cass is verbally attacking Corey. Cass doesn't know what Corey has on Angle, but he can't lay a finger on Graves.

Rollins to the ring. Hawkins is already out there and tries to get the fans going by asking how many of the fans think he will lose this match. Fans only seem to care about Rollins, not Hawkins. Rollins defeats Hawkins Bray appears on the Titan Tron and cuts a promo on Rollins who stands in the ring, ready for a fight.

Dana and Mickie take their numbers out of the Royal Rumble number roller.

Brock Lesnar walking backstage.

Banks takes one of the last three numbers left in the roller.

Heyman is in the ring, he announces himself and then goes on a typical Heyman promo before announcing Brock Lesnar to the ring. Lesnar to the stage (he remembered the strap this time), bouncing back and forth, and then Joe is there locking the Coquina Clutch on Lesnar from behind. Lesnar slams Joe back a couple times, then Joe is really able to tighten the clutch up and turn Lesnar purple. Revival and a few others out to haul Joe off Lesnar. Lesnar looks shaken and unable to get up to his feet.

Lince Dorado to the ring. Akira Tozawa has his own VIP section ringside, with popcorn, velvet ropes, and everything. Neville out to face Dorado. Much high flying and then Neville makes Dorado tap out. Neville defeats Dorado Tozawa into the ring, removes jacket, rolls up sleeves, but Titus out to stop them from fighting for free. Titus set up their match for Great Balls of Fire.

Emma pulls her number from the last two in there, but doesn't look very happy about what she gets.

Video of the opening segment, then Cole says that Reigns escaped the ambulance after it left the arena.

Another backstage interview with Heyman. He says that Samoans are proud, but they don't want Samoa Joe to be Samoan because he's not part of the proud tradition of Samoa. If Joe locks the Coquina Clutch on Lesnar, he will be in trouble and there will be a new Universal Champion. As a promoter, he loves every moment of this. But that won't happen because Joe can't catch him from behind. It won't be all Suplex City and F5, it will be an all night fight.

Backstage Bliss asks Jax what number she got. Jax won't tell her. Bliss talks about how she's been judged her whole life, and they are the same. Even her own mother laughed at her WWE contract. Bliss knows not a single woman in that match can't drag Jax down. Not that Jax needs it, good luck. Jax says she doesn't need it and will beat Bliss at GBoF. Bliss looks worried.

Women's #1 Contender Gauntlet Match - Bayley to the ring first. Nia Jax out to face her. A solid back and forth between the two, Bayley really has control for a bit, but in the end, Jax gets the three. Mickie out to face Jax next. Jax tosses Mickie around and beats her down. Mickie gets a bit of offense, but in the end, Jax gets the three. Next, it's Dana to the ring to face Jax. Dana was quickly destroyed for three. Emma comes out next. She gets a bit of offense but is then caught by Jax and slammed for three. The Boss out to the ring to face Jax who looks a little winded, but not at all blown up. Banks all over Jax from the start. The fight goes outside and Banks is in control going into commercial. Banks still in control of Jax, but size and power take over. Banks lands badly outside, but back in at nine. Jax mocks Banks, then continues to work her over, but can't seal the deal. They work back and forth in serious style until Banks finally makes Jax tap out.

Angle to the ring and raises Banks' hand in the air. He talks to her off-mic. Angle is smiling and Banks cries a bit. Bliss to the ring to raise her strap high in Banks' face. Banks takes her out and poses with the strap herself. Bliss outside the ring glares and rubs her neck. In the ring, Banks talks smack.

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