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Lucha Underground Star Was Homeless After WWE Release

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The Mack

One of the stars of Lucha Underground in The Mack (also known as Willie Mack) was a guest on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast when he talked about his brief WWE contract and release that actually ended up leaving him homeless.

“It is like a long-ass process with them. It is like a six month thing when you get signed. I was signed for six months before anybody found out anything and a week before I was to report to Orlando, they hit me up and said don’t plan on coming to Orlando because a doctor said he didn’t like how my blood pressure was and how my knee looked and that was it. I asked for them to send me my medical papers and when they called me Friday to say I’m not coming, on Saturday they Fex-Ex’d me my release form and do you think they ever sent that medical paper work? Nope.

I come to find out that they hired some other folk from a tryout after the one that I had done. It came down to the fact (the other guy) and I were the same height but one can do all the moves and has charisma and the other one has the body they like. I am pretty sure you can tell who I am talking about. My contract for NXT was supposed to be for three years and I’ve now been with Lucha Underground for three years and don’t you think if I was hurt or there was anything medically wrong with me I would have been out by now? So that is three years of my life that I could have been paying for my pet food and being good because that left me homeless after that all happened. I thought I was going to pay all of these bills and once they dropped me it sucked for a minute but Lucha Underground hit me up and that saved my life.”

You can now catch The Mack on the El Rey Network every Wednesday night wrestling for Lucha Underground.


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