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Tama Tonga Comments on "Bullet Club" reunion

One of the founders of the 1st iteration of the "Bullet Club" had some things to say about what we saw at the end of AEW.

Balor on who he wants to face in the ring

We just watched Balor retain verse KOR.   Now we wonder who is next?  Two guys that Balor has recently mentioned are; Kross & Dunne.  Balor spoke to Sportskeedia recently & had this to say about future opponents.  

“The big choice would be Karrion Kross. I feel like he deserves a title shot. You know, obviously, I have gone through what he has gone through in the past. I sympathize and have empathy with his situation.”-Balor

"Someone who I would love to be in the ring with, who has proven himself, you know, countless times over the years is Pete Dunne, and someone who is on a steady upward climb in NXT and that’s someone who I would love to face.”-Balor

Balor & O'Reilly injured at NXTNYE

The WWE released a statement that both Balor & O'Reilly are getting looked at after last night's brutal match.

Sasha on Snoop

One of the best at doing the frog splash has finally responded to Snoop Dogg's attempt on AEW.

Hopefully, Sasha can help Snoop tighten the screws & the next time that he attempts one, it will be a little smoother.

Ben Carter on Video Games

Ben Carter spoke with Fightful recently & credits WWE video games as one of the reason to try new moves & evolve inside the ring.

"Pretty much every single year I’d go through all the moves in the WWE games and literally just have my phone out, go through each and every single one and if I see one that I like and I can realistically do that I want to try it, I go, “Okay, let me quickly record this so I can try it in training the next day.” So, I’ve literally got a folder in my phone of like moves and all of them are pretty much motion capped things from the WWE games."-Ben Carter

"That thing is such a cool tool to use.  
It’s literally perfect for an aspiring wrestler. So, when people at school, will sometimes be in training and be like, “I just don’t know what moves to do.” I’m like, “Dude, have you ever played the WWE games? Do you have the WWE games? Because if you don’t, there’s Youtube videos. If you do, just go through and see which ones you like.'"-Ben Carter


Kenny Omega on AEW Games

Kenny Omega was on AEW Games 2 Show last night after AEW Dynamite.  Omega did a Q&A with Kip Sabian. 

Will There Be Create-A-Wrestler?

"Absolutely. One of those favorite modes, aside from people wanting to take the role of their favorite wrestler, people want to create their own wrestler. Sometimes they want to create something whacky or something that looks like themselves or a wrestler in another promotion. We're going to give you the opportunity to do that because we understand it's one of the most fun parts of these games. We're going to make sure it's robust and a lot of options and maneuvers to add to your character. We've placed that as a high priority."-Omega on CAW mode

Will The Game Lean More Towards Simulation Or Arcade?

"Taking a look at complete simulation-based wrestling, the first thing that pops into my mind is Fire Pro. That has a huge fanbase. However, a lot of people find that if you ramp up the simulation too high, it eliminates some of the fun for people who want to get in and mix it up with your buddies and feel the speed and fun that older games provide. Will it be a full simulation? No, but do I want players to feel like you're controlling the character when doing the moves? Yes. Speed in terms of arcade play, but moves will feel like you're in the ring.

"It's going to be a speedier version of very realistic wrestling. I really want people to feel what wrestling is going to be like in the year 2020. A lot of moves that we do now, you couldn't add them to your create-a-character back then. You'll be able to play the ropes like Fenix, do different variations of the Canadian Destroyer, all different strike combinations."

Will There Be Online Gameplay?

"There will be online competitive play. You'll be able to play with your friends, against your friends, all sorts of options. We're exploring ways to possibly incorporate cross-play function. Of course, online play will be in, all match types and specific functions that will be exclusive to online. We're exploring a lot of new creative and innovative things to do when online. These are ideas we're working with, nothing is 100% certain or solid."

Check out the full show below

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