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Lance Archer Heading to IMPACT?

Lance Archer had some things to say to The Good Brothers about their appearance this past Wednesday on AEW Dynamite. 

Do you think Archer will show up on Dynamite?  Will Archer team up with Moxley to take on The Bullet Club?   Only time will tell.

Sasha Banks is #1

Sasha Banks has topped Sports Illustrated's Top 10 Wrestlers of 2020.

1.Sasha Banks

2. Jon Moxley

3. Drew McIntyre

4. Tetsuya Naito

5. Kenny Omega

6. Bayley

7. Io Shirai

8. Kota Ibushi

9. Roman Reigns

10. Eddie Kingston


Konnan spoke with Lucha Libre Online & had a lot to saw about AEW.  Konnan revealed some of his criticisms with AEW, specifically mentioning their roster present at ringside.

Roster at Ringside

"To begin with it, I'm not a big fan of wrestlers being there as fans," Konnan said. "I mean, they just are missing the cheerleading pom-poms. I saw a match where Austin Gunn and Billy Gunn were there like cheerleaders and then they were in the main event of the show. That was very strange, I said, 'Holy fuck, how's that possible?'"-Konnan on AEW roster at Ringside

Some AEW should be on AEW Dark

"Also, two things that I always say," Konnan said. "Number one: Most of the guys who are wrestling in Dynamite, they should be in AEW Dark. Number two: How come you have nothing interesting, nothing important for LAX, Rey Fénix, Pentagón Jr., Jack Evans and Angélico? And I'm not saying this because they were in Mexico, but because they are fucking great and ready for television."-Konnan on some AEW Talent

Konnan on AEW's Presentation of STING

"And I get along with Tony Khan, but they are mistakes, man. They are rookie mistakes. I'll give you a good example, I had this discussion on my podcast: When Sting came out the first time, there was a guy on my podcast who told me: 'He just came out and did nothing.' And I said, 'Well, he doesn't have to do anything, he came out and it's a surprise, and it's Sting, man.'  Then the second week he told me the same thing and this time I told him that he's right. That's why the ratings dropped so much, because the guy has been out three times and literally they haven't done anything. I mean, they have had 3 chances to make a breaking news 'bomb' with this guy, and you haven't done anything."-Konnan on AEW's Presentation of Sting

Smackdown Preview

  • Big E v. Apollo Crew: Intercontinental Championship Match 
  • Zigler & Roode v. The Street Profits: Tag Team Title Match

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