Rascals Final Match

Tonight, on IMPACT, will be the final match for the Rascals.  As we know, their contracts have expired & are not coming back to IMPACT Wrestling.  Dez & Wentz will take on Trey Miguel & Rich Swann.  This final match has the makings to be hot fire.

Rascals Last Match

Sheamus on the gifts for Drew

Last night on RAW TALK, Sheamus shed some light to the reasoning on why he gave those gifts to Drew.

"I gave him those gifts to help him get back to his roots," said Sheamus. "Sometimes you forget everything you've been through to get to where you're at. That was just me reminding him of who he is, where he comes from, and maybe give him a little inspiration."-Sheamus

"I know his mom, Angela, is looking down from above with a big smile on her face. Drew is back where he belongs."-Sheamus on Drew.

Tyson Fury had a message for The Undertaker

On his twitter, Tyson Fury said that he has the utmost respect for Taker & will be watching this Sunday.  Fury tweeted a heartfelt, Taker inspired, video.  Check it out.

Taker responded to Tyson's tweet:

Tune in this Sunday to see The Undertaker's Final Farewell.

J.R. on the NWA, then & now.

Recently on J.R.'s podcast he compared the NWA of today to the NWA of the past.  He says that it will never be the same & it is not fair to today's NWA to compare the two.

"I do have a lot of respect for Billy Corgan and his love for pro wrestling when he doesn't have to love it. To compare the heyday of the NWA to what the NWA is trying to do now is not fair. It's not fair for Billy, it's not fair for the talents that work there, it's not fair for the champion Nick Aldis. It's a different brand."-J.R.

"It has the same three initials but it has a different meaning. I don't mean to knock the current NWA, I support them big time anytime I can. Billy is a good guy, but it's a different breed of cat. The only thing in common is the 3 initials."-J.R.


RETRIBUTION takes over WWE's Twitter

If you did not know, RETRIBUTION has HACKED the WWE's Twitter account.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out, how it advances what is going on & what comes from it.

Stick and stay to Wrestling News World for more breaking news, insights & our previews.  IMPACT's preview will be coming out later today.

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