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Ricochet on RAW Talk

Ricochet was on RAW Talk & Charly Caruso asked him about possibly joining Retribution.

“Honestly, if you’d asked me that question two weeks ago, hell, if you’d asked me that question a week ago. I would have confidently told you no. But, now; now the more that I sit and think about it, that’s the problem alone. I have to sit, and I have to think about it.”-Ricochet on Retribution

Ricochet Vents his Frustration

“I have to figure out some way; I have to figure out what it is in myself is why I always continue to fail? I couldn’t hold on to the United States Championship for more than a couple of weeks. I couldn’t even touch Brock Lesnar. I couldn’t even beat the Hurt Business, and now I can’t beat RETRIBUTION. So, something has got to change, and I don’t know what that is yet.”-Ricochet on his Frustration

Korderas on Hardy Bros

Former WWE referee, Jimmy Korderas, puts out a little twitter segment called Reffin Rant.  And on the most recent Reffin Rant, Korderas fills us in on his level of investment in Riddle & Jeff Hardy.

Mike Bennett on his run with WWE Creative

Matt Taven & Mike Bennet were recently on The Wrestling Inc. Daily Podcast.  They discussed their re-uniting at ROH's Final Battle, their respective solo runs  in WWE & ROH respectively & more.  Here is what Bennett had to say about his run in the WWE.  I would highly suggest checking out the entire spot from the OGK on The Wrestling Inc. Daily Podcast.

"...but the creative in my run in WWE sucked. It was the worst," Bennett admitted. "We all know it was. There was nothing there. It was terrible, but on the flip side, there's very few people, I think, in wrestling that you feel just as strongly about their success as you do your own, Matt's one of them when he won the World Title."-Bennett on his run with WWE Creative

AJ Styles wants Edge or Triple H 

Styles recently spoke with Alex McCarthy of TalkSPORTDuring this interview Styles talked about the opponents he would like to face at WrestleMania 37.  Styles pinpointed Edge or Triple H as the two opponents he would like to step in the ring with at the showcase of the Immortals.  

"I want Edge because at the Royal Rumble, he separated my shoulder with that spear. So, it's time that he get some payback.-Styles on Edge

"With Triple H, I feel like I'm putting him in a situation similar to The Undertaker. Will he accept? I don't know." Styles on Triple H

"With these guys, I've always gone, 'wow, they're so great,'" said Styles. "Even while speaking to them, you realize that the mindset of how they approach things is totally different than a lot of other performers. There's a reason why they're still doing what they're doing.  NXT is a brand because of him, there's no question in that. I would love to see how that is going to work in a match. Will it ever happen? I don't know, but I'm trying"-Styles on Triple H

Much thanks to Inside the Ropes & WrestlingInc. for the interview & quotes.

KENTA accepts Juice Robinson's Challenge

Kenta & Juice Robinson have been going back and forth this entire Rode to Tokyo Dome Tour & most recently KENTA's team beat Juice's team in the main event.  After the match; KENTA, frustrated because he has been defending the IWGP US Title Briefcase more then usual (Because of Moxley not defending it) accepted the challenge from Juice.  The two will meet at Wrestle Kingdom 15.


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