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Before I begin...we don’t need WWE Fastlane. It’s like WWE sees a whole SIX WEEKS to build WrestleMania after Elimination Chamber every year and says “well...we can’t have that now, can we?” It was marginally better when there were separate brand shows but that is a relic of the past.

WWE dreads being that car out in front slowing down the build to big events!

WWE dreads being that car out in front slowing down the build to big events!

Either way, WWE has Fastlane on their schedules for Sunday, March 21st. This will also be an important show as it will be the first to transition to and be available on Peacock. It’s been advertised that the show will be available on the WWE Network as well for those not wanting to be early adopters of the new platform for what that’s worth.

Side note, I've always thought that Fastlane was an appropriate name as WWE need to speed up their booking because of the shoehorned show. I would VASTLY prefer the laboriously long six-week build.

Fastlane will have a card of matches that tease what is to come at Mania and potentially set up any plans that WWE still hasn’t solidified by that point. I bet we see Intercontinental, US, and at least one brand’s tag belts defended, probably the women’s tag team championship match too. Maybe the proper debut of Rhea Ripley. That’s a serviceable card, but it needs a main event. 

Last Sunday at the Elimination Chamber we saw Edge make his choice that he will face Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship. This match will 100% be billed as Spear vs Spear even though I’m personally much more into the Head and Arm Triangle vs the Guillotine. But we need to build to that likely main event of WrestleMania.

                                                                         SPEAR vs SPEAR!!!!!!! 

                                                                         SPEAR vs SPEAR!!!!!!! 

Roman and Edge are two of the top promos in the game, they won’t have a problem making us want the match with their words alone. But, every now and then WWE throws us a bone and give us a great tease of what’s to come while giving us exactly what we want and need right now.

For that reason, I want the main event of WWE Fastlane to be Edge and Christian vs Roman Reigns and Jey Uso. Now you want that too.


                                                            The match will at least be this fun. 

                                                            The match will at least be this fun. 

This match can set everything up for WrestleMania and potentially beyond. There can be tension building with Roman and Jey leading to a split later. There can be a gratuitous amount of spears trying to one-up each other. There will be that fabled “one more match” for Christian. They can set up who has momentum heading into the show of shows. So much can be set up in one main event tag match. An additional plus is it truly doesn’t matter who loses as neither Roman nor Edge need to eat the loss.

I think this makes perfect sense and ticks all of the boxes WWE would want in a big main event while they debut on the new platform.

To get a little bit more fantasy booking in, I would fully expect the match to go 25+ minutes bell to bell. Obviously, there will be typical tag-match psychology... Roman and Jey work over Christian...Edge gets a hot tag...canned “this is awesome” chants, yadda yadda yadda. 

But that’s when I fully expect the match to ACTUALLY get awesome. I think it would be poetic to somehow have both Roman and Edge hit their spears at the time. Roman is going to do everything he can to upstage Edge from that point forward. Edge is clearly in Roman’s head already and it’s damn good TV.

There’s got to be a big “spear through the barricade” spot. It will be Roman absolutely whiffing on Christian and taking himself out of the match and lead to Edge hitting Jey with a spear, Christian landing an Unprettier, and Edge making Jey tap out in his crazy-eyed Head and Arm Triangle. 

That could lead to some great promo work where Roman is just descending into madness while Edge lives rent-free in his head and also towards the eventual moment when Jey has enough and no longer wants to sit at Roman’s table. I personally hope to see Roman lose the belt at Mania which could allow his character to become completely unhinged. His work has been tremendous as the Tribal Chief, some of the best in the business, but I think he still has another gear to go before we see his final form.

So...that’s what I want to book as the main event for WWE Fastlane 2021! Did you like it? Did you hate it? Leave me a comment or come argue with me on Twitter @KeepUpWithKFabe.

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