Maria Kanellis Launches Into The Personal Life Of Kelly Kelly For Photos On The Internet


In this week's episode of, former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis launched into the personal life of Kelly Kelly. Maria criticized Kelly for photos of her that ended up on the Internet, not naked photos but those that featured Kelly "with someone else's someone else."

Kelly Kelly seemed to have responded to the criticism on Twitter with the following Tweet:

"I will never mention your name, you will never be relevant. If I have something to say about you, I will say it to you ? #thebiggerperson."

The Tweet, located here, has since been deleted.

Maria wrote the following on Twitter:

@afterbuzztv is a show about a show. Every show discusses the show, news and gossip. If you don't like your dirty laundry aired maybe you should be more careful what shows up on the Internet.

You can watch the segment with Maria discussing Kelly Kelly at this link.

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