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Maria Says Natalya Farting Gimmick Is Disrespectful To Her & Her Family

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Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis recently said she feels the gimmick featuring the flatulence of Natalya is disrespectful to her and her family. Below is her quote:

"I think that it’s a complete disrespect to a girl (Neidhart) with talent to give her a gimmick that’s a farting gimmick. How disrespectful can you be? She’s a Neidhart, come on! She’s incredible in the ring. It’s disrespectful to her, disrespectful to her family and I cannot even believe that they went there. I think it really says something to how WWE feels about their Women’s Division."

You can listen to the interview at this link (go to the 67 minute mark).

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Corey for sending this in.

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