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Mark Henry Discusses His Favorite Gimmick, "Retirement" Promo

The Green Bay Press Gazette has a new article featuring quotes from Mark Henry to promote this week's WWE Monday Night Raw in the city. Below are the highlights:

Mark Henry's favorite gimmick:

Well, Sexual Chocolate was the most fun. I was able to clown and poke fun at myself and poke fun at the world, but I guess the closest to being me would be all of them. I was an Olympic high-level national champion and I was the strongest man in the world legitimately.

As far as being bent on destruction, I want to destroy stereotypes of big guys and I’ve done that. Big guys are supposed to be slow. Big guys are supposed to be un-athletic. Big guys are supposed to be dopey and jovial. I’m destroying that whole ideology of what the big man is supposed to be and in the process, the world is getting to see how I see myself. For a long time, I didn’t want to be portrayed as the big mean guy, but that exists inside me.

If his "retirement" promo was the best of his career:

It’s up there. It’s in the top three. In 2006, I did a eulogy with the Undertaker. I preached a sermon that day that I think could go down in history. I also did a promo when I was Sexual Chocolate where I said I had an addiction problem with women and I cried with (former WWE superstar) Chyna, so my ability to do this stuff has always been there. It’s just a matter of where I’m put in the pecking order.

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

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