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Mark Henry Explains Controversial Tweet That Coincided With WWE Releases, Says "An Apology Is Due" From Curt Hawkins

Recently released WWE talent Curt Hawkins called Mark Henry an "idiot" after Henry posted a tweet celebrating his upcoming 18th year with WWE on the same day in which 11 workers were released from the company. Henry claimed he was asked to post about his birthday and asked for an apology in the following tweets:

">@TheCurtHawkins First I don't often explain my self to no one!But I had no idea anyone got let go,it's sad.I was asked to post about bday.

— TheMarkHenry (@TheMarkHenry) June 13, 2014

">@TheCurtHawkins That's what came out it was about my 18 year journey. I know where you live dude it's a small world. An apology is due.

— TheMarkHenry (@TheMarkHenry) June 13, 2014

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