Mark Henry Retirement A Work, Attacks John Cena

Mark Henry, Booker T & John Cena

Mark Henry delivered a worked retirement speech on this week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. With John Cena still at ringside, Henry, in tears, explained the only regret of his career was not wining the WWE Championship.

Cena handed him the belt but Henry handed it back because he said "you have to earn it." Henry thanked his children and told his wife he was coming home before delivering the World's Strongest Slam to the WWE Champion.

Below is my reaction from Twitter:

">@TheMarkHenry #WWE#Raw

— Wrestling News World (@wnwnews) June 18, 2013

 10:20 PM EDT Update: In a backstage interview, Henry told Renee Young he was challenging Cena for the WWE title "right now." He said the reason he had two boots was because he was going to stick one of them up Cena's rear end. End update.

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