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Mark Henry Speaks On Respect, What He Tells New Talent, His Son Wanting To Wrestle

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Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald has a new article online featuring quotes from Mark Henry and Tony Atlas. In it, Henry discusses respect when he was breaking in and advice he gives to up and coming talent. An excerpt from Atlas is also included in the below highlights:

Having respect when breaking in:

“I’m very big on respect and knowing who came before you,” Henry said. “A lot of these guys and girls are going to know more about the business and have more access than I did. I mean I got to talk to the Iron Sheik. I got to talk to Ernie Ladd and Junkyard Dog and Hulk Hogan. A lot of these guys will never get that. So they have to do it through school and going to the library looking at old videos.”

Tony Atlas speaks:

“He not only is an underrated wrestler but an Olympian,” Atlas said. “This man went to represent the United States of America not just against people in the South or North but all over the world. He is the most phenomenal individual that I have ever met in my life. There is nobody in WWE or anywhere else that can hold a candlestick to Mark Henry, when it comes to power and wrestling ability and knowledge. He is just very underrated.”

What Henry tells New Talent:

“I tell them to ask questions and to introduce themselves to everybody,” Henry said. “From the guy sweeping to Vince McMahon and the guy cleaning the building to the guy running the training facility, you have to know the guys behind the cameras. You have to know the sound guys. You have to know the lighting technicians. I want you to know everyone before you leave. You develop an appreciation for everything and everybody because everybody makes you better.”

Henry also says all his son wants to do is follow in his footsteps. You can read the article at this link.

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