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Maryse Discusses Her WWE Debut, Her Release, The Current State Of The Divas Division, More

Maryse recently participated in an interview with Wrestling101, in which she discusses her release from WWE, her future, and more. When asked to describe her WWE debut in 2006, she responded:

Hard because I couldn’t understand anybody, but I learned so much. I learned how to listen carefully to everything, every detail, and I think that I needed a character that people could relate to, without speaking, which is very hard. I developed a heel persona and everything about Maryse was presentation, facials, gestures….. Over the years, I learned how to work a live crowd and perfect my craft. I believe that Maryse’s persona was the best female persona in years within the WWE.

When asked about the state of the current Divas division, Maryse said:

There is a lot of potential right now in the Womens Division, but a lack of investment from the management! They deserve better. It’s hard to make a crowd relate to you and be behind you or against you with a 2 minute match every week with no microphone time. Once again, you have to be able to speak to make people relate to you! Hopefully it will change over time!

Maryse was also asked what she thought when she was released by WWE last year, to which she responded:

Wow, I do not have to travel 300 days a year anymore! I felt FREE.

Click here to read the full interview.

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