Mass WWE Job Cuts Feared Ahead Of Earnings Release


We noted earlier on Wednesday that Thursday is a very important day for WWE as they will report their quarter two earnings for 2014 with updates on the WWE Network. Early indications are the numbers are not going to be good with an increased fear that mass job cuts are coming.

WWE has already been in the process of trying to show investors they are committed to cutting costs in order to make up for the lack of pay-per-view revenue as they transition to the new WWE Network model. This became very clear when they announced mass main roster cuts in June and have continued to cut costs in other areas.

I'm currently unaware of how many people are expected to receive their termination but most sources feel WWE is looking to get as lean as they have been in quite some time. The number of people that could lose their job is possibly staggering.

Again, these are the fears going into Thursday's official announcement by WWE.

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