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Matt Hardy And Chris Jericho 'Comeback Performers' Of The Year

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Hardys 2016

TNA Wrestling is doing a Hardy Family New Year Special on December 29th, 2016 on POP. You can check out a trailer for it embedded in the video below:

Speaking of Hardy, Jeff and Matt worked an independent show on Wednesday night with former WWE midcarder Ryback. Check out a photo below:

">December 21, 2016

Matt Hardy joins Chris Jericho as the ‘comeback performers of 2016.’ Both are in the midst of arguably the hottest runs of their respective careers at an older age. The biggest injustice for Hardy, 42, is that he's doing it on a much smaller scale because of TNA Wrestling's issues.

In the case of Jericho, WWE considers him a top guy of utmost importance. While he was always respected, his position has changed and now the company views him as a valuable commodity they need to keep as he’s one of their top stars heading into the New Year. In recent years, Jericho has been viewed as the part-time talent that could come in, make other talent look good and help add star power. Now he's one of the centerpieces of programming and a big part of what WWE is doing with the Raw brand. Much like Hardy, Jericho found a way to reinvent himself at the age of 46.

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