Matt Striker On Alex Riley As Potential Replacement, Issues When He First Got To WWE


Gary Cantrell interviewed Matt Striker and passed along the following transcript:

Matt Striker was a guest on The Shoot radio show on June 25th. To hear the full 20 minute interview please visit this link.

On Alex Riley as a potential replacement:

"He's a good kid. He's a taller better looking version of Matt Striker. I believe he's a graduate from Boston College, he's well spoken, he's bright and I think its a great opportunity for Alex Riley. To me, this is what is my saving grace i'm gone now and then I read that it's Alex Riley that sitting in that chair and I think about all the conversations I've had with Alex Riley, maybe one thing I said to him he uses on the show and he's now the breath of fresh air, he's now the new guy, I don't fault anyone for that. WWE gives opportunity, they gave me an opportunity, their giving Alex Riley an opportunity and I expect great things for Alex Riley and i'm genuinely happy for him"

Issues when he first got to WWE:

"When I first came to the WWE, I did not wear humility well. I think people mistook my New York-ness and my excitement for arrogance and I am glad that that happened, i'm glad that some of these battle tested veterans sat me down in their way and said hey man I slept in a car, wrestled for $5 and did all these things so that a kid like you could walk in here right now and once I started to realize that I began to adopt the same theories and mentality."

Also in the interview he talks about how he handled his release, how he interacts with others, and a whole lot more!

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