McMahon Hopes Raw Remains On USA, Smackdown Going Live?, JR Update, Heyman DVD Preview

- Vince McMahon noted in Tuesday's conference call that WWE is in the negotiating window for their new domestic TV deal. He hopes to re-sign with NBC Universal, their current domestic television partner, to keep Monday Night Raw on the USA Network. NBC Universal has to accept or reject WWE's final offer by February 15, 2014. If they reject it, other entities will have until February 28, 2014 to submit bids. WWE is hoping to announce their new deal in April or May and it won't take effect until October.

- One of biggest possible changes in regards to WWE's "core programming" of Raw and Smackdown is there's a chance Smackdown could become a live two-hour show. A move from tape would likely mean a new night and WWE asking for more compensation to offset the increased production cost.

- Jim Ross checked in with a new blog on his official website where he gave his thoughts on this week's Monday Night Raw and details on his upcoming Wrestlemania XXX weekend shows. Click here to read his latest.

- We noted earlier that WWE plans to release "The Paul Heyman Story" on DVD and Blu-Ray in August. Heyman posted an anti-climatic teaser for the piece at this link.

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