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Meiko Satomura joins NXT UK

Well this makes a surprising bit of sense. This past week as speculation has swirled about the Royal Rumble, I thought about how cool it would be for Meiko Satomura to show up in the women's match. As of this morning, the odds of that happening have just skyrocketed. Meiko has not only signed with WWE, but is on the NXT UK brand. Yahoo Sports Japan broke the news earlier today and frankly, it makes a lot of sense.

A lot of people might be surprised to see Satomura go to NXT UK of all brands, but anyone who watches Progress shouldn't be. Satomura held their women's championship before eventually losing it to Jinny. Satomura, despite being best known as a both a wrestler and promoter in Japan, is very familiar with the British women's wrestling scene. It also seems she will be both a wrestler and coach, which I'm sure the women of NXT UK will greatly enjoy. NXT UK already has a good women's division, but working with and training under a living legend is always a nice boost. NXT UK is at least partially booked by Jim Smallman, who ran Progress. Surely the past working relationship there helped influence this decision. Below is a wonderful match between her and current UK women's champion Kay Lee Ray.

Satomura lost in the semifinals of the 2018 Mae Young Classic to eventual winner Toni Storm. On the way to that match she beat Killer Kelly, Mercedes Martinez, and Lacey Lane. She beat Jordynne Grace for the Progress Women's Title which she defended several times. Also on the WWE Network is an old match between her and Alundra Blayze. She is a great addition to the company and I for one think she just might pop up in the rumble match on Sunday.

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