Mick Foley Comments On Relationship With Triple H; Exclusive Details On How It Was Actually The Rock That Helped Bring Him Back To WWE


Mick Foley posted the following on Twitter about his relationship with Triple H:

Can I clear up this rumor about me not getting along with Triple H?

Triple H is the man responsible for bringing me back to WWE. I am very happy in my role as WWE Ambassador, and have a variety of WWE projects due out in the next few months: a children's book, a set of cards that I did the writing for, and the WWE13 game that I am apparently featured prominently in. I am hoping to use the release of the book to become a much larger part of WWE's "Be A STAR" campaign.

WWE has gone out of their way to clear considerable chunks of time for me, including the Montreal and Edinburgh comedy festivals and the upcoming Singapore Writer's Festival (more on that in a few days) and February tour of Australia.

And if I ever feel like I need a quick Foley fix; like I absolutely need to hear thousands of people chanting my name? Well,pretty much any house show I want to appear at is just a phone call (or text) away.

There is no higher form of flattery for me than showing up on another WWE Superstar's highlight video. I was thrilled to be there three times for Triple H.

Bottom line: I'm happy. I'm part of the company I love, and I get to try things on my own. Thank you, Triple H, for bringing me back to WWE.

While Foley is correct Hunter has played a role in bringing him back in WWE, he's also the reason it wasn't easy. It's not that Hunter has any personal issues with Foley it's just he feels Foley doesn't look like a star and shouldn't be a top guy. It's the same issues he's had with him since the 90's. Ultimately, The Rock went directly to Vince McMahon last year which is what led to his return to the company. I was told at the time Hunter enjoyed watching Mick sweat.

You can read my initial report from October 2011 at this link.

Richard Reacts: I understand Foley "playing nice" with his comments but the bottom line is Hunter isn't a fan of Mick Foley. Is he cordial with him? Obviously, or Mick wouldn't be cashing all the aforementioned WWE paychecks. However, to act as if they are buddies and it was Triple H that brought Foley back to WWE, is only part of the story.

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