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Mick Foley Discusses His Goals For The Royal Rumble, His Favorite Rumble Memory, More

The official WWE website recently conducted an interview with Mick Foley, in which he discussed his participation in the Royal Rumble match this year and in previous years. When asked about his preparations for this year's Rumble, Foley said:

"I am going to hope for the best. Honestly, I’ll be in quite a predicament. Imagine if I win this thing! What Dolph Ziggler said [about me going on to WrestleMania] could come to fruition. I don’t want people to be let down if I’m in the main event at WrestleMania. There are a lot of newer members of the WWE Universe who are not that familiar with me and are wondering why I’m in there. But it’s a good bridge to cross if and when we get there.

I’m just going to hope for the best. I’m also hoping for a late number. If I go in early I’m going to try and eliminate a couple of people, just to have a nice piece of video tape that I can rewind over and over with my kids. This is partially for me, but it's really, truly something I want to do for my kids so they can see their dad in the WWE ring."

When asked about his favorite Rumble memory, Foley responded:

"My favorite Royal Rumble memory was in 2000. I had that killer match with Triple H [as Cactus Jack]. I thought at the time it might be my last match, and I was showing people the Mick Foley I wanted them to see after having a lot of fun as Mankind. That’s probably my best Royal Rumble memory ... up to 2012, that is."

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