Mick Foley Reveals Why Program With Dean Ambrose Was Nixed, Vince McMahon Health Update


- Mick Foley's proposed program with Dean Ambrose was nixed last year after he received information from a neurologist he shouldn't wrestle again. Foley stated at a comedy show in Adelaide, Australia on Monday there was a plan for him to work Ambrose at SummerSlam 2012 as Mankind with a fake Dude Love coming out and attacking Ambrose during his entrance. Mankind, with the blessing of Undertaker, would enter through the ring. Foley also admitted Ambrose went too far with the family mentions during their Twitter war.

- I'm still awaiting confirmation on Vince McMahon needing legitimate hip surgery. This is believed to be the reason why WWE did the "broken left hip" injury angle on last week's WWE Raw. Vince was reportedly open to the F5 bump from Brock Lesnar due to the fact he was already undergoing the knife.

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