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Mick Foley Takes Issue With Brian Urlacher Over Concussion Comments; Calls For More Education On The Subject

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Mick Foley was on WGN 9 News out of Chicago Friday morning to promote his new children's book "A Most Mizerable Christmas." In the appearance, Foley used the Chicago platform to take issue with some recent comments made by Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher about concussion.

"He [Urlacher] needs a little sensitivity training," Foley said in the opening of the appearance.

The host deflects from Urlacher and tells Foley after preparing for the interview by watching clips, he wants to know how he is still alive. Foley joked about not only still being alive but still writing children's books. He said he made the decision along with his doctors to get out [of wrestling] because he had pushed the bar a little bit.

Foley went back to his criticism of the Chicago Bears captain, "I'm not here to talk about concussions but, you know, when I watch something like that from a really impressionable [influential] guy like Urlacher I'm like oh, man… This really isn't what we need to hear."

Foley says he's donating his brain to the National Center for Traumatic Encephalopathy. He says it's serious business when you get your brain jarred as part of your job.

"I'd like to see guys in position of influence know a little more about the subject before they say something like that." Mick concluded.

You can watch the appearance in its entirety embedded in the video below:

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