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Mick Foley, WWE & DK Publishing Release New Children's Book With Anti-Bullying Message

Mick Foley, WWE and DK Publishing have released a new children's book titled "A Most Mizerable Christmas." The story features many top WWE stars including John Cena, CM Punk and Sheamus trying to teach The Miz a valuable lesson about not being a bully in school.

“As an author and father, I am overjoyed that families will be spending time together reading A Most Mizerable Christmas this holiday season,” said Mick Foley. “The WWE Superstars and Divas, transformed into children inhabiting Wrescal Lane, learn a fun-filled but important lesson about treating others with tolerance and respect - making the book a perfect tag-team partner for WWE's Be a STAR campaign.”

We'll be reviewing the book next week here at

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