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Mickie James Rumored To Be Returning To Smackdown Next Year

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Mickie James

The rumor making rounds at this week’s WWE television tapings is that Mickie James has signed a full-time contract with the company and will be returning next year.

As things currently stand, James is set to re-debut with the Smackdown brand in January.

Mickie returned to WWE under a per shot deal to challenge Asuka for the WWE NXT Women’s Championship at TakeOver: Toronto. She remained in constant contact with the WWE office afterwards, with the belief being that a new contract would be offered. Officials were impressed with her work at TakeOver and feel that she will help bolster the female talent on Smackdown and help to season the younger workers.

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This news was first reported by PWInsider but we've heard the rumor as well. However, they were the first publication with details and deserve credit for breaking the story.

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