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Miro on Twitch doing a Q&A before AEW

Miro was on the front page of Twitch doing a Q&A AEW Pre-Show.  Below are some of the questions that were asked.

One Wrestling you would bring to AEW? (Twitch Viewer)

"My wife, who else"-Miro

Are you ready for Stinger? (Twitch Viewer)

"Stinger is great. I thought he was going to come back as USA Stinger."-Miro

What is your favorite gimmick match? (Twitch Viewer)

"Hell in a cell is my favorite.  I'd rather have that then a cage match."-Miro

Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie? (Putting You Over)

Miro on topic of people saying wrestling is not real

"When I hit you, I hit you.  If you think what you're seeing is not real, then maybe who you are watching is not doing it right"-Miro on the topic of wrestling not being real

Putting You Over says that athletes holding out in Real Sports is their longest running storyline

Miro on Pat Patterson

Catch all of MIRO's streams & his AEW Post Show on his Twitch!

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