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In the first edition of MLW: Anthology, we take a look at LA Park. LA Park has been with MLW since its inception in 2002 & tonight we take a look at one of the cornerstones of MLW.   Formerly known as La Parka, which translates to “The Reaper” is a legend in our sport.

-video flashback to the debut show of MLW, where LA Park took on Jerry Lynn in a dream match. We see an encounter with a hardcore legend, which leads into the match between LA Park and Sabu.

But before we get to the match between Sabu & LA Park, we will see the skeleton dancing luchadore take on one of Mexico’s biggest wrestlers in 2002, Shocker.

Shocker vs LA Park (Manhattan Center, Sept. 2002)

The original voice of MLW, Joey Styles welcomes us to this historic encounter between LA Park and Shocker. Ding, ding ding. A great exchange of arm drags and leg sweeps between both men. Both men showing off their technical ability and speed. Big boot from Shocker knocks LA Park out of the ring. Shocker follows it up by faking the suicide dive and showing off. LA Park baits Shocker to the outside & LA Park sneaks back in the ring. When Shocker enters the ring, LA Park greets him with a kick to the face.

LA Park levels Shocker with some chops & kicks. LA Park misses a double front kick. Shocker is driven face first into turnbuckle, but eats the turnbuckle himself as Shocker executes a drop toe hold on a charging LA Park. Shoulder block from LA Park followed by his signature dance. LA Park gets flipped over the top & onto the floor. Shocker does a springboard cross body to the outside on top of LA Park. LA Park gets suplexed back into the ring for a 2 count. Big boot from Shocker. LA Park sends Shocker to the outside with a spinning heel kick. LA Park lands a corkscrew suicide dive to the outside.

Back in the ring, LA Park hits a swanton on Shocker for a 2 count. The extreme chairman grabs a steel chair & misses & eats the chair when Shocker executes a drop kick. LA Park rolls to the outside. Shocker goes for a suicide dive, but the extreme chair greets him with a chair shot to the head. LA Park heads to the top again, this time he eats a boot to the face on a double foot stomp attempt. Shocker plants LA Park and lands 3 sentons for a 2 count. Shocker to the top now. LA Park catches him with a missile drop kick to the chest for another 2 count. Both men are exhausted. LA Park heads to the high rent district and this time executes a picture perfect missile drop kick to the face of Shocker.

LA Park gets caught up on the top rope. Shocker with a superplex from the top turnbuckle for a 2 count. Shocker with some chops in the corner followed up by a clothesline, bulldog combination. Shocker gets a couple close pin attempts. Shocker is frustrated. Big shoulder block in the corner by Shocker followed up by a bronco buster. Shocker went to the well to often & took a boot to the crown jewels. LA Park heads to the top & lands a corkscrew moonsault for the 1-2-3.

LA Park Win Shocker

Winner by pinfall, LA Park.   

-video flashback to Mance Warner going to the pay window on Jimmy Havoc.

-video promo from Mance Warner for his Anthology episode.

SABU vvs LA Park I (War Memorial Auditorium, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. December 2002)

LA Park starts things off by throwing a chair at Sabu. Alfonso at ringside doing what he does best, blowing that annoying whistle. Now Sabu throws a chair at L A Park, but he misses. Both men go for some quick submissions. It seems Sabu sees something in the top of the auditorium. Nice catches catch can exchange between both men. Sabu with a camel clutch on LA Park, but he escapes and locks on his own camel clutch. Irish whip by Sabu followed up by a slingshot side kick & leg drop combination for 2 count. 

Back to the camel clutch for Sabu. Big boot by Sabu. Elbow by Sabu, but LA Park hits both boots to the face out of a sunset flip reversal. Both men teasing big moves, but both men reversing them. Now back in the ring, Sabu plants LA Park with a tornado DDT. Sabu looks for a tornado DDT again, but this time LA Park counters it with a boot to the face. Sabu rolls to the outside and LA Park follows him.

Sabu is tossed into the first row by LA Park. LA Park levels Sabu with a chair. Now, both men are fighting in the first couple of rows. LA Park heads to the top rope and jumps over the guard rail and lands on Sabu. An E-C-Dub chant fills the Auditorium here in Fort Lauderale. LA Park sets up a table and both men are fighting on the apron. LA Park levels Sabu with a chair. LA Park charges Sabu, but Sabu ducks and LA Park goes flying over the top & lands on the table. The table did not break.  Sabu has a pair of scissors and he starts driving them into the head of LA Park. A classic OH MY GOD from Styles!

Sabu Scissors


Sabu continues to stab and attempting to carve the mask off of LA Park’s face. Sabu is in complete control now. LA Park is tossed into the first row. Sabu goes flying into the front row as well. Vintage Sabu. Underneath LA Park’s ripped open mask is a crimson mask & that is the only thing protecting his identity. Back in the ring now, Sabu lays into LA Park with some rights. Sabu continues to carve the face of LA Park with those scissors. LA Park capitalizes on a miscue from Sabu.

LA Park sets Sabu up in a tree of woe. The extreme chairman sets a chair up in the face of Sabu and dropkicks it through his skull. Alfonso shouting directions from ringside. Both men now level each other with stiff rights and kicks. Back and forth they go. LA Park charges and misses Sabu, hitting the steel ring post. Sabu with a springboard senton over the top. Sabu calls for a table & Alfonso throws him a chair too. Sabu with a springboard leg drop into LA Park through the table. Alfonso pours some water on Sabu. Both men look exhausted. LA Park can barely stand, but makes it back into the ring. Sabu locks on a camel clutch, but Sabu releases it after LA Park does not tap. Sabu heads to the top rope, but catches both feet to the face.

LA Park slams Sabu and heads to the top himself, but Sabu catches him & hits a springboard huracarrana. Alfonso tosses Sabu a chair which he uses to hit an Arabian face buster for a 2 count. A triple jump moonsault is enough to put away LA Park this time.

Sabu win

Winner by pinfall, Sabu.

-video package of LA Park attacking Bill Alfonso after the match, accepting a rematch.
-video package of promos from the MLW wrestlers from their homes. (A must watch).
-Remember next week’s Anthology, Mance Warner.

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