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Welcome to the Centenial Edition of MLW Fusion.   We are LIVE from Philly.  The 2300 Arena is sold out and here we go!

Erick Stevens v. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

"Filthy" Tom Lawlor joins Bocchini and Kirsh at ringside to support the newest member to Team Filthy, Erick Stevens.  After Stevens makes his way to the ring, we get Davey Boy Smith Jr.  This match should be intense & aggressive.  Before the match gets underway, we see a promo with Smith Jr. and the Von Erichs are there to have his back, if he needs it.  

Kid Ref, from IMPACT, calls for the bell and we are underway.  Smith Jr. shows off his power advantage early on and the crowd is entirely behind Davey Boy.  Smith Jr. using his technical ground game to control the match early on.  After some very stuff forearms to the face, Smith Jr. tosses Stevens into the corner from 1/2 way across the ring.  A near fall from Smith Jr., which he follows it up with a vertical suplex that he holds for what seems to be forever.  Just like his father, the hall of famer inductee this year.   

Now both men head to the outside.  Stevens uses this time to get the upper hand.  Smith Jr. lands a snap suplex on the outside and it is all Davey Boy.  Smith Jr. keeps breaking the 20 count, but continues to bring the pain.  We see some sort of Contra glitch image during the match.  Stevens now starts working on the leg of Smith Jr.  Stevens hits a flying shoulder tackle, followed up by a lazy cover for 2.  

Stevens continues to slow Davey Boy down by working on his leg.  Lawlor keeps putting over the technical excellence of Stevens, while he wrenches on Smith Jr.'s knee.  Stevens starts trash talking Smith Jr. & the two men exchange viscious slaps and forearms.  Stevens executes a dragon screw leg whip and Smith Jr. went down awkward.

Smith Jr. blocks a 3rd leg whip and takes advantage by hitting 10 punches to the face.  Smith Jr. favoring the knee now, but still able to have the upper hand.  Stevens begs for forgiveness, but Smith unleashes more punishment.  Stevens gets some near falls with inside cradles and school boys.  Smith Jr. hits a powerslam and covers Stevens for a 2 count.  Stevens goes to the top, but Smith Jr. catches him and lands a Calgary stampeded out of the corner.  Davey Boy Smith Jr.  follows it up with a diving headbutt from the top rope for the 1-2-3.

Winner by pinfall: Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Lawlor is irate at ringside and stares down Davey Boy Smith. Jr.  Garrini comes down to ringside and gets in the face of Davey Boy.  We see another quick Contra glitch.

We see a video package of INJUSTICE being banned from the 2300 arena for their recent sneak attacks.  

Jimmy Havoc (with Priscilla Kelly) v. Brian Pillman Jr. 

This is Pillman's first match in the middleweight division.  Havoc makes his way to ringside first with Priscilla in tow.  Pillman Jr. is announced next to a huge pop from the Philly crowd.  The Rogue Prince is on a roll as of late and can he continue the streak verse Havoc.  

Some feeling out at the early going between these two men, with neither man getting the clear upper hand.  Havoc starts working on the wrist, but Pillman breaks it with a kick to the face of Havoc.  Pillman lands some deep arm drags and a picture perfect dropkick.

Pillman gets a 2 count on a pinning combination.  Havoc bites the fingers of Pillman and after two feet to the sternum, Havoc takes the fight to the outside.  Havoc unleashes punishment on the outside and is now in control.  Back in the ring, Havoc lands a senton.  Pillman fights his way back and the two men exchange blows in the middle of the ring.  Pillman unleashes a flury of strikes and a powerslam for a 2 count.  Pillman hits a running clothesline and then a flying crossbody for a 2 count.  You can see the frustration sinking in for Pillman. 

Pillman hits a backbreaker & straight jacket lungblower for a 2 count, thanks to Priscilla Kelly.  During the distraction, Havoc pulls out a chain, hits himself in the face with it and tosses it to Pillman, shades of Eddie Guerrero.  The ref hears Pillman's case & questions Havoc who pushes him.  Pillman rolls up Havoc, but only gets a two count.  Havoc battles back with some viscious punchs and then an acid rainmaker from behind.  Kelly tries to hit a flying cross body from the top, but Pillman moves and she lands on Havoc.  Pillman takes advantage and lands Air Pillman for the 1-2-3.

Winner by pinfall Brian Pillman Jr.

Alica Atout interviews Pillman after the win, who declares he is dropping weight to challenge Myron Reed.  

LIfestyles of The Rich & the Dynastic is next.  We get a hilarious video package of The Dynasty stylin' & profiling.  They put over themselves and the new self-proclaimed Caribbean Champion.

Another great promo from Mance Warner.  Warner is doing some great mic work the past couple of weeks & I cannot wait to see what is to come from Mance Warner.

CIMA v. Jacob Fatu- MLW World Heaveyweight Championship

After both men enter the ring, we are ready to roll.  The 2300 Arean has a big fight feel with CIMA and Fatu.  CIMA using his speed to hit some kicks to the mid-section.  CIMA tries to knock Fatu down by coming off the rope, but Fatu does not budge.  CIMA heads to the outside to rethink things.  Fatu goes after CIMA & CIMA uses his speed to hit a baseball slide to the head of Fatu.  CIMA using his experience to get under the skin and the early advantage.  CIMA lands a senton and gets a 1 count.  CIMA now stretches out, but catches a super kick to the head when he goes for a move.  Fatu follows that up with a corner hip attack to the side of the skull of CIMA.  Fatu slows things down and uses his power to beat CIMA into submission.  

Fatu now has the advantage and is methodically picking apart CIMA.  Fatu lands some visciou sshoulder tackles in the corner.  CIMA tries to sunset flip Fatu, but Jacob is too big and strong.  Fatu locks CIMA in the tree of woe and lands a flying headbutt.  Fatu is in full control now.  Fatu stops any offense by CIMA with a chop to the throat.  Fatu drives his thumbs right the nerves of the shoulder of CIMA.  CIMA trying to draw from the crowd to come back.  CIMA breaks the hold, but Fatu lands an elbow to the jaw to drop CIMA right in his tracks.  Fatu places CIMA where he wants and misses on a Vader Bomb.  

CIMA capitalizes on the miss and lands two knees to the shoulder blades of Fatu & then hits a spike DDT.  CIMA now locks Fatu in some sort of submission.  Fatu breaks it by getting his foot on the ropes.  CIMA now in control and lands a kick to the head of Fatu.  CIMA to the top, but misses a double foot stomp.  After some running the ropes from CIMA, Fatu catches him and lands a pop-up Samoan drop. Fatu drags CIMA to the middle of the ring and heads to the top and lands a perfect moonsault.  That was not enought for Fatu, as he lands another moonsault for the 1-2-3.

Winner by pinfall and still MLW World Heavyweight Champion, Jacob Fatu.

After the match the Death Squad comes out with a body bag.  They unroll the bag and zip CIMA up inside and place the Contra flag over the top.  The show goes off the air with the Death Squad carrying CIMA out in a body bag being followed by Fatu & Josef Samuel.

Until Next Week.........

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