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Kirsh and Bocchini welcome us to a sold out 2300 Arena in Philly for MLW FUSION #101. A rundown of tonight’s matches & a video package on the whereabouts of CIMA.  

Laredo Kid vs. Myron Reed (c) MLW World Middleweight Title match

Laredo Kid makes his way out first with KONNAN, sporting a Red Sox hat, in tow. It was two weeks ago when the Laredo Kid unofficially pinned Myron Reed. INJUSTICE & Myron Reed make their way to the ring next. INJUSTUCE has been in a bad mood since last week, when they were not allowed to enter the arena. Before the show tonight, INJUSTICE interrupted a KONNAN interview & got in the lucha legends face.   

Ding, ding, ding. Collar elbow tie up to start things off. Laredo Kid circles Myron Reed who is sporting that loaded chest protector. Both men using their speed to try and get the upper hand. Laredo Kid lands a head scissor takeover and Reed rolls to the outside. Laredo takes the fight to Reed and slaps Myron in the face, after chops to the chest protector did nothing. Now back in the ring, Laredo Kid has the advantage in the corner. INJUSTICE distracts Laredo Kid which gives Myron Reed takes advantage and drops Laredo Kid to the ground & lands a superkick to the face. A near fall for Reed.   

Myron, now in control, is trash talking KONNAN. Laredo Kid countered out of a flap jack attempt and tried to mount some offense, but Myron hit a springboard side suplex, which he followed up with a slingshot leg drop for a 2 count. Laredo Kid is in the corner & Myron tries running at him twice, but he is met with a hits a forearm to the face, followed up by a boot to the face. Now Laredo Kid hits a running forearm of his own and a michinoku driver in the corner. Laredo Kid lands back to back moonsaults from the bottom and middle rope. A 2 count for Laredo Kid. Reed counters a suplex attempt into a stunner & capitalizes on that with a springboard ace crusher. Laredo Kid slapped Myron in the back and stopped a top rope moonsault. Laredo Kid behind Myron, both men on the top rope. WOW! A top rope, what looked like, a dragon suplex.  

SNAP Suplex top rope

Both men planting some vicious elbows. Laredo plants Myron into the canvas and tries to lock on a submission hold, but Kotto Brazil interferes. Laredo Kid tosses Brazil aside with belly to belly release suplex, all while holding the submission hold on Reed. Oliver takes a superkick to the face for his interfering attempt. Now Laredo Kid hits two suicide dives to the outside. While Laredo Kid is getting the crowd into it, Myron Reed lands an Ace Crusher to the outside and plants Laredo Kid on the apron. Myron tosses Laredo Kid back into the ring and hits his finisher, “No Cap Splash”, for the 1-2-3. 

Winner and still MLW Middleweight Champion, Myron Reed. 

Now we get another edition of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynastic”. We see The Dynasty talking about getting an injunction to get Mance Warner out of their hair. Hammerstone says they need to rid MLW of the group of idiots that are getting in their way. They rebrand “El Intocable”, Gino Medina as Gino, “The Untouchable”.

“The Untouchable” Gino Medina vs. Mance Warner

Out to the ring first, Gino Medina with Richard Holliday by his side. Now comes, the Southern Psycho, Mance Warner to a huge pop from the Philly crowd. Gino jumps Mance before the bell. Gino with a big kick to the head of Mancer for a 2 count. Now on the outside, the men exchange some knife edge chops. Mance gains the upper hand on the outside and takes the fight to Gino. Warner slams Gino into the guard rail and tosses Gino back into the ring. Gino takes advantage and attack Mance as he enters. Gino lands a kick to the head and gets another 2 count. Gino now in control in the ring and Holliday barking orders from the outside. Mancer slid out of a fireman’s carry and cracks a head-butt to the skull of Gino. Mance lands an impaler DDT for a 2 count. Gino catches Mance, hits a snake eyes-running knee-superkick combination for a near fall. Mance counters a second turnbuckle attack with another vicious head-butt, followed up by a running knee to the temple for a near fall.

Mancer Heatbutt

Both men look exhausted. Mance throws Gino off the ropes & goes for a pop-up something, but Gino reverses it & rolls up Mance. Gino tries to use the jeans, but Mance kicks out & rolls up Gino himself and he does use the tights for the 3 count. Mance rolls out of the ring, grabs the headset and says he is heading straight to the pay window. Holliday & Gino complain & cry in the ring. Gino punshes and lays out the referee.

Winner by pinfall Mance Warner. 

  • We get breaking MLW news that Colonel Parker has secured a 2020 MLW Manager License and there are rumors of him bringing in outside wrestles s and recruiting current MLW wrestlers to his Stud Stable.  
  • We get a video package of the Von Erich boys getting advice from their father.  
  • Up Next, Pro Wrestling Illustrated will presents Brian Pillman Jr. his second Rookie of the Year award. Pillman comes out, styling & profiling to accept his award. Pillman thanks all the rookie of year’s that came before him & he is grateful for this honor. Pillman says he never imagined he would step out from his father’s shadow. Pillman says he is hungry for a shot at the MLW Middleweight title & another rookie of the year award.
  • Now we see a video package on the whereabouts of CIMA. The Death Squad is putting CIMA in the back of a car. Samuel tells the driver to take him to Ikuro Kwon. 
Hail Contra

One time only, Inter-promotional Match 

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor vs. Killer Kross 

Kross Sign

Filthy Tom Lawlor, with Team Filthy, makes his way to the ring first. Philly crowd is hot & cannot wait for Kross. Killer Kross makes his way, slowly & methodically, to the ring. 

Kross Entrance

Ding, ding, ding. Here we go. Kid Ref, our official for the match, says we are ready to go. We get a face to face stare down to start. Lawlor slaps Kross, but Kross gets the upperhand with a kick. Kross takes the fight to Tom in the corner with some running knees to the ribs. Kross tosses Lawlor to the outside and heads out after him. Kross continues the onslaught on the outside. A belly-to-back suplex on the apron by Kross.   

Now back in the ring, Lawlor fights back with a rake of the eyes and a picture perfect spinning heal kick. Lawlor mounts some offense now with some stiff forearms. Lawlor laying in the chops in each corner. Lawlor in control now, works on the left shoulder of Kross & torques all his weight down on the right shoulder. Lawlor placing some kicks to the chest of Kross, but went to the well to often & was caught on the 3rd kick. Kross, fired up now, mounts some offense, but Lawlor stops it with a kick to the spine. Kross seems to be favoring his arms & Lawlor capitalizes on that and attacks the arms again. Kross tried to get out with a slam, but Lawlor held on to the arm. Kross blocks two suplexes, but not the 3rd. Lawlor now goes for a guillotine choke hold. Lawlor has in cinched in deep and Kross looks to be fading, but starts to fight out. Finally, Kross just stands up and hits a release northern lights suplex. Kross follows it up with 2 clotheslines and a big boot in the corner. Kross executes a release suplex out of the corner and his in full control now. Kross calls for Doomsday, his finisher. Lawlor blocks it and lays a flurry of strikes & uppercuts. Kross fights back with a stiff shot of his own, but Lawlor catches Kross and lands a release suplex of his own, but Kross pops right back up. Lawlor lands a running knee to the jaw of Kross for a 2 count. Lawlor with a flurry of strikes again, but Kross stops him dead in his tracks with a forearm. More strikes from Lawlor, but Kross is just smiling. More knees to the face from Lawlor. Kross continues to smile and lands several forearms to the face. Lawlor with a thumb to the eye, but Kross comes back with his Kross jacket submission move. Lawlor tries to escape, but Kross holds on. Now Lawlor, just runs to the outside and both men go crashing to the outside.

Kross Crash to the outside

Erick Stevens comes running down and attacks Kross, with the rest of Team Filthy. Kid Ref calls for the bell and that is it, a DQ.   

Winner by DQ, Killer Kross. 

Team Filthy continues to use their numbers advantage to attack Kross. Philly letting Team Filthy hear it with a chorus of boos. Here comes Davey Boy Smith Jr. & the Von Erichs. Smith and the Von Erichs clear the ring and stand tall inside the ring with Killer Kross.

Clear House

Davey Boy Smith Jr. grabs a mic & challenges Team Filthy to an 8-man tag match. Davey Boy Smith Jr., the Von Erichs & Killer Kross celebrate in the ring as the show goes off the air. 

ENd of Show

Until Next Week……….

Thank you to all who tuned in. Let me know what you think of MLW & stop by Putting You Over to discuss it. See you next week.

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